What is a Luxury Goods Synonym?

By | January 22, 2021

luxury goods synonym

What is a Luxury Goods Synonym?

What is meant by luxury goods in the context of this article? The definition of luxury goods is: A good that is very expensive, of a very high quality and usually worn only by the wealthy. This has been the accepted meaning of the term for many years and has not changed much since the middle ages.

Why then has this usage become the accepted modern one? One reason is that we tend to equate “luxury” with money, and therefore a lifestyle that costs more than less wealthy people. Another reason is that many goods associated with luxury are also commonly considered to be very valuable, hence their price is often higher. Luxury goods then are those goods which we think people can only buy, not afford. But there are some kinds of luxury goods that are frequently purchased by both the rich and poor, and they can be seen as a synonym for luxury.

Luxury kitchenware is one example. Not only is it often very costly but it is also made from materials that are considered to be very durable, making it suitable for the wealthy. It is a mark of sophistication and style, and thus of class and affluence.

Fashionable fabrics such as silk are another example. Silk is regarded as a luxurious fabric because of its warmth and smoothness. But while it may be very expensive, it is also very comfortable and easy to maintain. In fact, most modern silk fabrics are far easier to clean than most other kinds of fabrics. Indeed, silk luxury goods are ideal not only for adorning the bodies of the wealthy, but also for making them feel at ease and comfortable.

Luxury toys are another example. A toy is usually regarded as luxury goods when it is handmade, created by an expert, and is designed especially for a child. But this qualification is often left vague, because most toys are mass-produced and come from factories with automated equipment. Toy makers are therefore careful not to claim any craftsmanship, and tend to describe their products using the marketing jargon that may sound impressive, but that does not offer much in the way of clues to the quality of the item. So while it is still possible to find a high quality handcrafted toy, it is increasingly rare and difficult to find any toy at all.

Cars are luxury goods too, and this applies even to those cars that are not run on petrol. One of the advantages of owning a car is the convenience; you can reach places more easily than you can get in a bicycle or even on foot. But the cost of fuel nowadays makes this even more important. Luxury cars are therefore made to run on electricity, although most of the time this means using cheaper materials.

Luxury watches are luxury goods, and what they are generally called in the English speaking world is the high-end timepieces. But this term is usually used to refer to wristwatches. So you will find many luxury goods watches on the market today that are very simple, elegant and classy looking. The Swiss brand Swatch is well known for its luxurious brand image and for its renowned precision craftsmanship. You can also find a lot of accessories that come under the label of luxury goods, including shoes, sunglasses, watches, bracelets and so forth.

There is no doubt that luxury goods can be very expensive. And if you do not have the money to buy the really expensive items, there are many other types of luxury goods available. But it is worth noting that some luxury goods synonym for luxury items are not actually luxury goods at all. For example, designer underwear is a luxury goods item, but it is an ordinary type of underwear worn by many people. So, whilst the word ‘luxury goods’ can apply to many items in the market, not everything that is considered as luxury goods is really luxury goods.