Types of Refrigerators and Appliance Racks

By | June 23, 2021

Are you in need of a new under counter fridge? Do you have all the appliances you need to keep your food cool, fresh and organised? When it comes to food, people spend little time and effort keeping their food fresh and appealing. They opt for the cheapest option available. However, by purchasing a fridge with a built in compressor, you can reduce the time it takes to get your food from the fridge to the table.

With so many choices on the market today, it can be hard to find the right one. You can either buy the built in fridges or buy mini refrigerators. The choice seems endless and sometimes it can be difficult to know which is the right choice for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Let’s explore these options further.

Built In Under Counter Fridge Freezers: These come as standard in most kitchens. These come complete with a freezer drawer that has compartments designed to hold containers of food. You can also get a freezer drawer that extends out towards the cooking area. Many of these come with a hinged door that allows easy access to the cooking area.

Mini Under Counter Fridge Freezers: There are some small refrigerators that fit perfectly into the corner of a kitchen. These look almost like a mini fridge but do not have a freezer and do not have the freezer drawer like the larger fridges. These mini under counter fridges are perfect to place in a corner of a room as they take up very little space.

Built In Types: The most common construction of a mini-refrigerator is a standard metal or steel construction. Some come with plastic door inserts and some come with glass door inserts. Either way, these are durable, attractive and long lasting. Another advantage of the steel construction is that they are very affordable and don’t need to be replaced much after a few years. Of course, these are the most expensive types of under counter refrigerators.

Built in Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler: The built-in stainless steel beverage cooler is another option. These come with a freezer area and freezer drawer. The freezer drawer has a separate compartment for canned goods and ice cream. This is great for individuals who have limited counter space. It does not have the ventilation like the under counter fridge but it is much more affordable.

Compact Mini Freezer and Under Counter Fridge: These compact fridges are built with a metal or stainless steel body and a flexible cooling tray that are placed under the lid of the unit. These are usually found in college dorms. Most of the compact mini freezer and under counter fridge freezer have adjustable thermostats and they are equipped with a replaceable glass front panel for an attractive appearance.

Countertop and Inline Mini Refrigerators: These are also compact refrigerators that are just under the counter level. They are just like the mini freezers except they have their own dedicated space on the counter. You can put them in your kitchenette or in a laundry room. Both the counter fridges and the inline mini refrigerators have replaceable glass front panels.

Clear Aluminum Cans and Beverage Racks: These are just like the tall cans with a glass door on the front. They are available in clear or color racks. The aluminum ones have a transparent covering so you will be able to see what’s inside. There are also beverage racks that can accommodate soft drinks, tea and coffee along with other beverages.

Wine and Spirit Racks: This is a great addition for your wine or spirits cabinet. This type of under counter fridge has a wire rack and a flat door with an air flow lock. It is designed to store and serve wine and spirits. There are even specialty racks to hold wines that are smaller than 24 inches. There are several styles that have a divider in the middle of the top section so that red wine and white wine can be separated.

Countertop and Inline Refrigerators: These are refrigerators that are found under the counter. They are available in different sizes and style. Usually they are available in stainless steel, granite or copper. They come with a shelf or a top temperature control, a temperature gauge, and freezer door or space to keep frozen foods.