Tips on How to Climb the 160 Billion Year Old Kilauea Mountain – KM 160Baj

By | June 26, 2021

The most accessible mountain in the world, climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain is a dream of every climber. It is situated in Tanzania, an African country, in the Western region of Africa. The mountain is ranked among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The moderate climate and the diverse landscape make it one of the most favored destinations for trekking.

But before venturing to the Kilimanjaro, you should be in good shape for this rigorous task. If you have never climbed Kilimanjaro, you should not start it without proper preparations. The climb has high risk factors and requires strong will power, patience and courage to go through the challenge. There are many places where you can hire guides who will prepare you for the climb. Professional guides are well equipped with all the required survival equipment.

They will take care of all your requirements during the climb. You just need to follow their expert advice. A variety of equipment is available for hire. These include: ropes, packs, trekking poles, ropes, sleeping bags, cookware and water bottles. You can also buy the necessary equipment.

– Cooking Supplies: There are several cooking supplies for hikers who want to cook for themselves or for their companions during the long trek up the Kilimanjaro. But it is advisable to bring enough pots, pans and utensils that are light in weight and easy to carry. Remember to carry enough water too.

– Camping Supplies: Even though you are on the move, you should keep yourself well-fed. You should have at least one litre of drinking water per day, which you can easily get from the nearest lake. Bring some healthy snacks to ensure that your energy levels are maintained. A variety of fruits and nuts is packed in snack packs that you can take with you on the hike. You may also ask the guide about the best way to cook the food.

– Personal Hygiene: The temperature at the base of the mountain varies drastically during the day and at night. Wear warm, comfortable and moisture-wicking clothing that will ensure your comfort. Bring extra clothes, socks and footwear that you think are necessary. As much as possible, do not venture out without having your sunscreen applied. The sun’s harmful UV rays are capable of making you feel sun burnt.

– Maps and Accessories: Make sure that you have a good hiking map of Tanzania which details all the places that you have to reach and the routes that you need to follow. Buying an electronic hiking map would be useful as it has details of all the places that you have to go. Choose a map that has clear instructions so that you can navigate easily. It is recommended that you bring additional accessories such as a camera, binoculars, sunglasses, gloves and raincoat. Waterproof gloves and waterproof raincoat are very useful when you are on the Mt. 160baj trek.

– Staying hydrated: It is imperative that you carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Bring bottled water in containers that are suitable for you. Use trekking poles if you prefer to go around the mountain using traditional equipment. Bring an emergency kit that includes bandages, anti-bacterial ointment, painkillers, anti-septic lotion, needle and thread. Take with you gloves, face mask and a fire extinguisher to fight fires. These are all things that you should have before going on a climbing trip.

– Gear up properly: It is important that you put on the right gears and equipments to avoid any mishaps or accidents while you are climbing the mountain. Wear the right type of clothes and socks that will be comfortable and protect your feet from blisters. Bring a jacket that will protect you from the UV rays of the sun. A hat that will protect your head and hair from the extreme weather conditions is also essential. Make sure that you are carrying a first aid kit and go ahead with some trekking partner so that you can help each other if there is an accident.

– Be firm with yourself and climb confidently: It is always important that you remain confident even if you are not used to climb mountains. Remember that you are making a journey and it is up to you how hard or easy you want to climb. If you have the strength and the willingness, then climb with full courage. Never try something that you are unfamiliar with unless you have enough knowledge to perform it properly.

– Carry enough food and water for your trekking trip: You should carry enough food and water for your entire family so that you can survive for several days even without a shelter. You must also carry a tent and some other accessories to keep you warm during the night. Do not go into towns if you do not know where you are going as you may get lost. Have a guide with you as he can help you navigate through the forest and tell you about the right path to take. Once you reach the forest, you will be able to explore the many beautiful places and have fun exploring the wild life.