The New Standard in Moving Force Equipment

By | June 26, 2021

Since 1936 Cres Cor was established by visionary men dedicated to providing their customers with the best in household products. A family owned business, Cres Cor was a driving force behind innovation and unrivaled customer service in the commercial foodservice industry dedicated to serving its patrons in style. With a long standing history as an innovator in food service, Cres Cor continues to strive to improve its offerings for loyal customers. The official food service provider of the American Medical Association, Cres Cor provides state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to meet the needs of any medical facility. All laboratory equipment is designed to meet rigorous standards set by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASP).

Today Cres Cor manufactures ovens, hot plates, steam tables, specialty items such as aprons, tablecloths, cutting boards, collectibles and serving trays. It is proud to offer these, as well as a variety of accessories and tools, to its valued customers. If you are searching for kitchen equipment that can be custom made for your unique needs and tastes, you should consider shopping at Cres Cor. Not only are they the official supplier of the American Medical Association, they are also a trusted dealer of fine restaurant equipment. You can trust their quality and the quality of the products they sell.

The standard line of Cres Cor products includes three types of ovens: Combination Dishwasher/ Fryer, Stackable Toaster and Pan Bureau Limited Edition. These are the top-rated ovens in the industry. They all have unique designs but are manufactured to provide the utmost in cooking convenience, durability and safety. Professional cooks use the combination dishwasher/ Fryer for quick and easy cleanup. Stackable toasters are ideal for saving counter space and providing maximum heat in a small package.

In addition to offering many popular brands of ovens, Cres Cor offers a full selection of replacement parts. Whether you need the oven’s exhaust hood, the convection fan, the electric starter or a burnt out pilot light, you can find it all at a Cres Cor store. They even carry high-end specialty cookware, such as marble-grained glass bakeware and heavy-duty stainless steel utensils.

Cres Cor understands the importance of maintaining proper serving temperatures. This is why their line of ovens and other kitchen appliances come with a variety of serving pans and glass display containers to choose from. The Corluxe range includes professional-looking stainless steel serving bowls in various sizes. The Corbital collection comes in four main colors; blue, cream, chocolate and white. All the cabinets have beveled edges, so they are very attractive to the eye.

In addition to offering a wide selection of kitchen equipment, Cres Cor also sells many popular name brand products. Some of these include the Whirlpool range, which has over 275,000 square feet of capacity; the Blair range, which is known for its energy efficiency and convenience; and the Kenmore collection, which have an extensive line of storage cabinets and other pieces. If you are looking to replace a vacuum cleaner, consider a Corax vacuum cabinet or a Corbital vacuum hose. If you’re looking for a dishwasher, you should consider the Kenmore dishwasher or the Whirlpool dishwasher. For refrigerators, you should consider the Bestop refrigerator or the Corning fridge.

The success of the mobile food service industry is dependent on having a well-trained staff. This is why many small restaurants invest in training and development to ensure that their employees know what to do in a crisis and how to work together as a team to solve problems. The mobile food service industry needs to equip all of its workers with the latest in communication technology to ensure that each team member is efficiently trained to handle any situation that may arise throughout the course of the shift.

When it comes to replacing broken or worn out moving force devices, or components, Corax knows that only Corbital holds the top spot in quality, durability, design, and performance. Corbital offers a full selection of replacement parts that are tested and approved to work with all moving force parts that have been manufactured by Corax. For any kind of moving force device – vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, food mixer, vacuum source or conveyor – that requires heavy duty replacement parts, Corax has the answer. By purchasing moving force components from a company like Corax, you’re ensuring that your business runs on all new hardware, all the time. The same goes for the mobile food service industry, which needs its employees to be fully trained and equipped with the latest, safest moving force products. So make sure that your employees receive the best training possible, so that they know what to do in any situation and can always count on a high level of customer satisfaction, because when you have great service, word travels – and that’s how you win over the public.