The 5 Best Restaurant Flatware Options

By | June 23, 2021

There are many kinds of restaurant flatware available in the market, ranging from ornate, intricately carved traditional flatware to more modern, simpler styles. However, aside from the appearance of restaurant flatware, it’s critical that restaurant owners pay special attention to the quality of any available flatware. It’s not enough to have nice things – elegant restaurant flatware can be an important business tool in maintaining a professional image. Both the restaurant’s name and its brand can be developed through a consistent and reliable advertising campaign. Here are some things restaurant owners can do to ensure the quality and suitability of their flatware:

Refrain From Using Nickel-Plated Restaurant Flatware When looking for restaurant flatware for your restaurant, avoid using nickel-plated tools. Although this metal might look sleek and modern, it’s actually a poor conductor of heat. When heated, nickel plating causes extreme flexibility, which results in the changeable of hot and cold temperature settings, which affects the quality and performance of utensils. Even the least expensive of flatware can quickly deteriorate if heated by nickel, which makes it a poor choice for restaurant use. Look for tools made from chrome plate or solid stainless steel that will allow your utensils to withstand high temperatures without deteriorating.

Choose Stainless Steel Over Nickel-Plated Kitchen Utensils If you need high-quality restaurant flatware but don’t want to spend a lot of money on the fancy flatware, opt for stainless steel. In fact, stainless steel flatware is usually more affordable than its more lavish counterparts, such as nickel-plated utensils. The main advantage of using stainless steel is that it doesn’t easily tarnish or rust, which allows it to last for decades. Moreover, stainless steel is also able to maintain its shiny, bright color for longer than nickel-plated utensils do. In addition, you can be confident that stainless steel will never react with food and won’t stain your dishes. As such, the only thing you’ll have to worry about with stainless steel utensils is frequent rewashing to prevent build-up of stains.

Chrome Plated Flatware It’s not uncommon to see stainless steel and chrome coated (or chromium plated) flatware at local restaurants. Basically, these flatware have similar characteristics, which include high resistance to staining and heat, but have different methods of maintaining their shiny appearance. While chrome flatware will oxidize over time (it becomes darker with age), stainless steel flatware won’t discolor or change color when exposed to certain chemicals. These properties are what make chromium plated flatware a good option for restaurants with a high volume of customers. Unfortunately, there’s no undoing or changing of the polished chrome finish, so you’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Cast Iron Dining Set If you’re looking for a durable, solid flatware choice for fine dining restaurants, cast iron dining sets should be a top consideration. Because they’re constructed from seasoned cast iron, they’re going to last for years without the threat of corrosion or breakage. You can purchase these sets at a number of different prices, so it’s up to you to determine whether the extra expense for a quality fork is worth it.

European Dinner Knife The best types of flatware aren’t actually made entirely out of metal, although that does help. What matters the most is the care you give your choice of flatware: choose one that’s designed to last, made from heavy-grade stainless steel, and is guaranteed to resist rust. A good European dinner knife will usually come in a traditional or modern design and is made out of a solid piece of wood. For those fancy dinner parties, there are even plastic models that won’t mar the look of your tableware.

Presoak Flatware This type of flatware is among the oldest and most popular forms of serving utensils. This type of fork and spoon has been around for centuries, and the origins of it are linked to France. Basically, a presoak flatware is a flat piece of metal with a handle on one end. It’s intended to be carried and used like a real fork or spoon. It has a long handle, much like a fork, but since it has a handle on one end, some variation is permitted.

Demitasse Spoon This is a great option for a wide variety of cuisines because it doesn’t compromise taste. This fork and spoon is actually made to look like a spoon, which is its most appropriate use. It’s also a very versatile piece of serving utensil, with a tapered shape that offers a very thin edge and a very large tip. When paired with a carrot in soup or a tomato in a salad, the demitasse spoon offers a great combination of flavor without being overpowering.