The 4 Most Popular Types of Runners’ Wristsocks

By | June 15, 2021

You’ve been thinking about buying a wrist wallet or some new piece of exercise equipment. And you’re trying to make your budget work for you. What exactly is this new piece of exercise equipment? It’s the wrist watch. With a wrist watch you can keep track of your calories burned, time you’ve spent running or biking, the calories you’ve burned during your workout, how many miles you covered in your run/bike ride and so much more.

Newzill Wrist Wallet with Elastic Band – for running, walking, basketball, tennis, hiking, cross-fit and so much more. For a handy place to stash your keys and cash, keys, cell phone, credit cards, checkbook, and the like while you’re out participating in all your different fitness projects. It wraps easily around your wrist, so there’s no need for straps or other hardware. This version has a small pocket for carrying your running shoes and also includes an elastic band which enables you to adjust the wrist-watch for the amount of pressure you feel from your wrists.

The two manufacturers that make the wrist wallet are Newzilla and Mio. I was given a chance to try out both products during my testing process. I’ll give you a bit of a rundown of the products before I go on to review them. Both manufacturers have excellent customer service and a great reputation in the fitness products market.

Newzilla Wrist Wallet – This wallet is very sleek and extremely comfortable to wear. It has a simple, yet classy look. It has a built-in silicone palm grip that’s great for runners who don’t want their hands sweaty from sweating. It also has a single port Nike adapters that allow you to charge your smartphone or use the card reader feature with your smartphone while you’re out running. There are also an alarm clock and a flashlight, which make it perfect for night time running.

Mio Smartband – The Mio wristband is my favorite of all the models. It’s designed to be extremely thin, and has a super-lightweight build. You can’t tell that it’s inside of the wallet, which means that you won’t have any problems clipping it onto your wrist during your morning run. You also won’t have to worry about losing the phone, because it’s protected by the shock-resistant nature of the silicone palm grips.

During my testing process, I carried around both the Mio wristband and the Mio smartband. During the day, both items were incredibly comfortable to wear. I didn’t experience any discomfort even when I was jogging around for an hour. At night, however, both pieces of clothing proved to be bulky in size. They also prevented me from seeing my ring finger, which is a definite advantage over the iPhone.

Runners’ Wrist Bracelet – The runner’s wristband is another popular choice and is often made of the same materials as the wristband we’re discussing here. Most runners agree that the wristbands allow them to keep their arms loose, which improves their performance. Because these bands are also made of breathable materials, they won’t stick to your skin and cause irritation. These products have the same silicone wrist wraps that the Mio band has, which means that they don’t need to be taken off during your run.

All of these products are great products that make any runner’s life a lot easier. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that these products are must-haves for every runner. However, if you’re new to the world of running, I’d recommend that you start out with a simple wristband and an inexpensive sweatband. Once you’ve learned how to use your smartphone, you can then invest in one of these products and get your life on the road a lot easier. Just remember to wear them when appropriate, and always check in with your doctor before you do any extra activities.