Selecting the Right Types of Food Prep Equipment

By | June 25, 2021

Every restaurant, resort, hotel, campground, or caterer needs food preparation equipment or tools. Whether this means preparing individual ingredients such as vegetables in a large food processor, preparing bulk ingredients such as meat, grinding and slicing meats, blending powder, and mixers, preparing bulk beverages such as shakes, hot teas, or coffee, portioning food items, weighing and opening large cans, weighing and opening small cans, and even measuring cups and spoons for mixing batter. Without all of this equipment, the kitchen would quickly become overwhelmed. Food preparation equipment can be purchased at any store where cooking tools are sold.

There are a variety of options available for purchase, but there are a few basics that almost every kitchen should have. The most important things to have on hand are a food preparation table, a large, heavy duty, non-stick pan with a heatproof bowl, and a microwave. Mixers and spreaders are also very important to have on hand. Other things like cutlery, stirrers, knives, ladles, and bowls will make a kitchen run smoothly. While you may not need all of these things on hand at once, it’s a good idea to have at least some of each on hand in your kitchen.

Preparing foods can be time consuming and messy if you have no food preparation equipment. It takes quite a bit of time to cook an entree or bake a pie, so preparing them ahead of time is essential to having a quick, easy dinner or quick dessert. A professional catering company or restaurant can prepare meals for your busy kitchen quite easily, if you let them. A commercial kitchen will have the latest equipment for preparing all of your food products. In the case of preparing foods for a personal or small kitchen, you can follow the basic steps of baking bread, making pies, grilling hamburgers, cooking chicken breast, and so on.

Commercial dough mixers can speed up the mixing process of most baked goods, but the key to a quick and easy meal is to use freshly made dough ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Professional chefs know that fresh ingredients mixed with old flour will produce the best-tasting dough. Using prepared or store bought dough will produce processed dough which takes more time to prepare and bake in your busy kitchen.

Slicers are another important piece of food preparation equipment. Even professionals know that it takes a little practice to slice the food you purchase for your restaurant kitchen accurately and efficiently. Commercial slicers will help you get the right width and length for every recipe. You’ll save time by using slicers instead of trays and mixing bowls. Large commercial slicers have capacity to handle large batches of batter without concern for loss or contamination of the food.

Food preparation equipment includes meat grinders and choppers. You can prepare most meats quickly and easily using a grinder. When you prepare meat using a grinder, it’s important to use seasoned bread dough for the actual grinding part. Freshly ground bread strips cut into thin pieces provide a better taste to your meats than bread with old bread.

Another key piece of food preparation equipment is the commercial blender. Blenders can be used for many things from simple egg whites to creamy low fat yogurt. Commercial blenders offer several different settings, so they can be adjusted for specific needs. Chopped vegetables can also be prepared using a blender. Many people use commercial kitchen blenders for preparing salads, smoothies, soups, and smoothies for their kids. For the hot summer months, these blenders can be used to make ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, or sorbet smoothies.

Slicers are the next type of important commercial food kitchen appliance. Cutting boards, often called serrated knife cutting boards, are primarily used for chopping. These boards are made of solid wood and are available in several different sizes. Serrated knives are typically made of carbon steel. Depending on what you need, you should have between two and eight knives on the cutting board at once. Sharp serrated knives offer the most efficient cuts possible and, as long as they are sharpened, will cut the food to perfection every time.