Selecting the Right Restaurant Sanitizer for the Job

By | June 23, 2021

When your restaurant or kitchen needs a sanitizer, consider investing in restaurant sanitizer solutions. They offer a sanitizing solution that can kill germs and bacteria while leaving the product harmless on the surfaces and interiors. These sanitizing solutions kill harmful micro-organisms such as E-coli and Salmonella that are associated with food poisoning. It also renders safe dishes and utensils from contamination, thereby ensuring the safety of your customers.

The ideal time to use a restaurant sanitizer is immediately after cleaning is complete. This guarantees thorough cleansing and disinfecting of the entire work area including kitchen, prep area and storage areas. Professional products offer a long lasting surface disinfecting and sanitizing solution. Such products will keep your kitchens and facilities clean and safe throughout the closing time. These solutions are also helpful in eliminating grease and other contamination that usually accumulate on indoor surfaces during food preparation and serving.

Using a sanitizer is necessary for preventing food safety issues by reducing the threat of infections caused by bacteria and other germs. There have been reports of various types of food poisoning, infections and illnesses caused by bacteria and dirt hiding on restaurant surfaces. These germs often survive easily in an unhygienic and unclean work place. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing will eliminate all traces of contamination that may remain after the restaurant cleaning crew has cleaned up the works. Professional solutions for restaurant sanitizing ensure the safety of your customers, staff and products.

Sanitizing solutions for restaurant cleanliness are available in liquid form and a powder dispenser. The powder form can be mixed with warm water and poured into a spray bottle for restaurant cleaning. The liquids sanitizing agents can be used directly on surfaces like floors, tables, countertops, cookware and utensils for quick, convenient and effective germicidal cleansing of the entire restaurant. For more comprehensive sanitizing solutions use a combination of both liquids and powders as a deep clean to sanitize and disinfect the entire restaurant and work place.

Each sanitizing solution has different benefits. Some are intended for home use only, while others are designed for professional restaurant use. There are several types of sanitizing solutions to choose from. These include commercial sanitizing sprays, foams and gels, wipes, hand sanitizers and food contact cleaners. Depending upon the needs of your restaurant cleaning team and the frequency of restaurant cleaning you may need to replace or re-use some of these cleaning supplies.

Foam and gel sanitizing solutions can be purchased in a wide variety of configurations. Available in pump, spray and can forms, these are easy to store and dispense. They are often used for light, quick and deep cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that are frequently frequented by customers. Ideal for use on restroom seats, counter tops and floors they provide protection against food contamination and help sanitize and disinfect areas quickly and effectively. Sanitizing sprays and wipes are also used for restaurant sanitizing and cleaning. Available in fan and pump formats, these cleaners are designed to be applied in a sweeping motion to help clean up and maintain restaurant work areas.

Food contact cleaners are designed for use on surfaces that are used by employees to transfer food from one surface to another. Ideal for use on table tops, counter tops and floors, they sanitize and disinfect areas immediately after use and provide a clean finish. Hand sanitizers are also available for use on surfaces where food is prepared and stored. Designed to help keep hands clean during restaurant cleaning and drying, they provide an extra level of protection for restaurant employees. Food contact cleaners are available in powder, liquid and wipe form and are ideal for use in all areas of restaurant cleaning.

For any kitchen or sanitizing need, there are a variety of sanitizing solutions available. Dust and soap powders can be used as general cleaners or as a sanitizing rinse for the entire home. Liquid sanitizing solutions are often applied to stains on surfaces and dried on hot water to provide a deep cleaning that is safe, effective and convenient. Whatever the task, there is a restaurant cleaning product out there that will meet the needs of restaurant owners.