Scrunchie With Zipper

By | July 24, 2021

I’ve seen some pretty clever ideas on how to make a scrunchie with a zipper. Some of them are very cute, but they just don’t do the trick. My preferred method is the one that I personally use and have had great success with – the Panama Hat Stashie Pocket Croper. It has everything that I need to keep my stashies in a place where I can easily find them. Here’s how it works.

The key to this little system is to have something to hold the stashies up with. For my purposes, it was a small piece of plastic or cardboard with a hole in it. That way I can simply tie a piece of ribbon through the hole to keep the plastic from getting crumpled while I’m zipping away. This also helps me keep track of where I put my stashies.

I usually put mine in a clear plastic zipper bag. To make it look more like a real scrunchie, I colored it black. Then I cut a long rectangle piece of strong ribbon so that it would match up with the color of the scrunchie. It’s important to use strong ribbon, not string, to go through the hole in the scrunchie. If you try to put the ribbon through the zipper, it won’t stay on tight and you will be cutting your giveaway apart while you try to put it together.

To make it even more authentic, I stuck a magnet onto the scrunchie after I had attached it to the bag. After that, I stuffed the zipper full of hot chocolate, or other items that will be enjoyed by the recipient of the gift. I think it turned out great! I could have put the magnet on the actual scrunchie, but I wanted to complement the gift with the actual zipper sticker. It worked beautifully!

To really add to the appearance of the scrunchie, I draped some pantyhose over it. It really brought out the Native American theme. I wrapped the entire gift in the pantyhose, and voila, a unique and beautiful looking scrunchie was complete! I would have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself for pulling it off!

One year ago, my friend gave me a beautiful Native American scrunchie and told me that it was really cute. I had never seen an actual scrunchie until then. They are very hard to find in stores. I was able to buy one online for less than twenty dollars. I absolutely love the item and I think everyone who receives one will be happy with the unique style. If I were to give it away, I would definitely give it to someone special!

Scrunchie as gifts have been a hit for many years. I like to give them as a gift to co-workers and friends. There is nothing quite like receiving one as a gift. The recipient will think that you found the most extraordinary gift ever!

For those who have never tried one, they are very easy to wear. They are made of wool or cashmere and usually have a zipper at the top. They have an open space on one end, so that your hands can be free to type at your computer or play with other items. They are extremely practical and look great all day long!

I especially love the scrunchie with zipper sets. They are great for winter time, because they keep your arms warm and your hands warm. The designs that are available are awesome. You can get a plain scrunchie for everyday wear, or you can purchase one that has a zipper on the side. These are great if you have an office that you need to keep organized. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it.

Scrunchie accessories are usually included as part of a larger set. In my opinion, the best part about these is that they are very affordable! You can spend a lot of money on clothing these days, but you can’t justify spending ten dollars on a zipper. I think that everyone should give a try once, to see how well it works for you.

If you are planning on buying one of these as a gift for someone else, I would take into account what their body type is. If you are trying to buy a nice winter jacket, then you’ll want something with lots of pockets. If you are trying to look for a scrunchie, then look for one that has plenty of zippers so that it can be used year round.