Reviews on the Hoshizaki HNC-120ba Refrigerator

By | June 27, 2021

The latest technological innovation in a great variety of fastener equipment for commercial and residential use is the Hoshizaki HNC-120ba-R LCD refrigerator/freezer display. This amazing display has been designed to display popular Hoshizaki products at the touch of a button. This HNC-120ba refrigerator/freezer display is not only capable of showing attractive graphical representations of popular Hoshizaki products, but it also has a great capacity for demonstrating product specifications for the customer. Most importantly, this refrigeration equipment can synchronize with various types of payment modes such as credit cards, visa, and master card.

This Hoshizaki HNC-120ba-R refrigerator/freezer display is very useful to any type of food service establishment because it is capable of displaying attractive graphical representations of popular products of local and international companies. The refrigerator/freezer display of this amazing Japanese brand is especially designed to display all types of sushi, including Sushi Go! by Hoshizaki.

The curved front glass of this Hoshizaki HNC-120ba-R LCD display case is also one of the important characteristic that makes this unique unit so popular with service operators. The front glass of this unit is made of tempered glass that ensures that the Hoshizaki refrigerator/freezer is safe from breakage or distortion even when it comes into contact with extreme temperatures or sharp objects. Moreover, the curved front glass extends a full two inches beyond the edge of the unit’s body, so that it will cover the whole door panel. This is a perfect refrigerated countertop solution for any restaurant or cafe that would like to display the products of different companies proudly. In fact, this Hoshizaki HNC-120ba-R model boasts of a beautiful ambiance that can easily complement the beauty of its other features.

One of the features that make Hoshizaki’s HNC-120ba a truly appealing product is it’s compact size of just under three inches long and less than four inches wide. The slim design of this self-contained refrigeration unit makes it possible to place it in small areas like apartments or condominiums. Even more, since it has a long projected life span of up to fifteen years, this refrigerator or freezer is capable of providing food services users with excellent performance for a lifetime. It has a cooling capacity of up to 1. 48 cubic feet and a maximum temperature range of zero to minus nine degrees Fahrenheit.

Another feature that makes the Hoshizaki HNC-120ba refrigerator or freezer a great choice is the large spacious interior where there are wider doorways that allow more air flow. This spacious interior also comes with plastic seal panels on the sides and top. These plastic seal panels protect the appliance from dust, thereby preventing its components from being contaminated with germs.

The inner compartment of the Hoshizaki HNC-120ba features two adjustable thermostats and a larger rear to back interior. The inner panel of this Japanese designed refrigerator or freezer features a plastic seal and a wider radius groove for easy sliding of the heated plates. The spacious inner space is also home to a separate compartments for storing different kinds of food products like sushi, cold beverages and snacks. A separate compartment also features a clear plastic tray where sushi rolls and other type of frozen product can be fitted. The Hoshizaki HNC-120ba also features a touchless remote control with variable settings for heat, temperature and plate rotation.

The exterior of this Japanese designed refrigerator or freezer is composed of a sleek and attractive display which features multi-colored textured frosted lenses and stainless steel edge. The exterior also includes a frosted panel that is partially exposed for an enhanced look. Under the frosted exterior there is a black interior with multi-coloured textured shades of stainless steel. The interior is lined with clear, removable plastic sheets for easy cleaning. The Hoshizaki HNC-120ba is conveniently built to accommodate the most popular sizes of refrigerators or freezers available in the market.

The interior consists of separate compartments with wide, flat surface for placing vacuum or food measuring cups. There are also cup holders incorporated in one side of the compartment for holding assorted cups and saucers. There is also a large, durable basket with a pull out handle and removable, plastic cup trays. The exterior has a large round, non-stick plate area, which allows smooth gliding of the plate into the compartment for food placement. This is the Hoshizaki HNC-120ba refrigerator with its multi-dimensional, larger front to back interior, spacious tray, and frosted lenses and stainless steel edge.