Raw Oysters Near Me

By | June 6, 2021

Raw oysters are very easy to find just by driving around the East End of Long Island. You can also locate these tasty treats at any number of local seafood restaurants and raw food shops. When I went to nearby Nassau, my wife and I decided to stop at the Fresh Lemon Tree restaurant for our first dinner of the day, and we were delighted with both the fresh oysters that the restaurant had, and the fresh lemons that they offered (my wife’s favorite).

These delicious oysters were surprisingly tender despite their size, and the freshness of the pieces that the staff grilled was unbelievable! The oysters came out on a bed of greens that were cut up real fine, and they were served by a staff that came out to our dining room table as if we were the guests of honor. The chef brought out a container of white, washed mussels, and he told us to take one of each and place them in a glass of saltwater. We knew right then and there that we were in for an amazing night of sea world adventure.

As we were enjoying our meal, a waiter came over to our table and introduced himself as Bobby. He invited us to try his restaurant, which was located about 20 minutes from where we had been dining. We were eager to go, but Bobby warned against trying any of the shellfish while we were there. He cited two main reasons: the oysters were only available for a few hours per day, and the salt water mist produced by the sea creatures hovered overhead and was extremely difficult to avoid. The only solution he suggested was to go home and come back another day.

As luck would have it, we drove up to Oyster Point, Long Island on another evening to try the Raw Oysters near me. We had already explored the neighboring shellfish reefs in the area and enjoyed a great dinner. Bobby recommended that we try the Raw Oysters near me. We quickly discovered that this was going to be one of our best experiences yet with the oysters we had grown accustomed to eating. This was a fresh, delicious offering, but we were not prepared for how wonderful it was.

The oysters had arrived fresh and were prepared just as we remembered them. The mussels were soft and fragrant, unlike the dry dried ones we had experienced the day before. The oysters themselves were very sweet and the slightly spicy dressing added a delightful tang to our meal. We couldn’t wait to dig into our delicious meal, and soon found ourselves battling nature forces as we tried to keep ourselves afloat in a cold stream.

The next morning, we were delighted to find that the sun had dried away most of the morning’s sweat, and that the crisp air was cool and soothing to our tired bodies. Nature had provided us with a beautiful, fresh oyster delivery! Nature always knows when it’s time to show her gratitude, and now was our chance to show our thanks. We couldn’t wait to open up our fresh oysters and begin our nourishing feast.

Our first dining experience was not without incident. As we moved to take our first bite, our waitress told us that because the oysters were so fresh they could not be stored on ice, as is their usual practice. They would have to be cooked at certain times and then taken off our plates. After our initial disappointment, we perked up and decided to try one more dish. Unfortunately, this time, our waitress informed us that since the oysters had been stored on ice for too long, they would be at best inedible and at worst, spoiled.

Now we were out of luck and would have to settle for something else. Fortunately, a great friend of mine happened to pass along this warning: don’t be afraid to order your oyster device at a local waterfront restaurant. It might cost you more, but you’ll get a much fresher, tastier treat than you will at a supermarket. And who doesn’t like to taste food straight out of the ocean?