Raw Oysters Delicately Decorated

By | June 6, 2021

Many people love eating raw oysters, which are now appearing at some of the hottest restaurants around. But simply eating raw oysters or other uncooked seafood can put you in danger for several infections, such as vibriosis, which is often caused by some strains of Vibrio bacterial bacteria. These bacteria enter the body through a cut or wound that allows them to infect the skin. Left untreated, vibriosis can result in hearing loss, paralysis, coma and death.

A way to cut down your risk of infections is to soak your hands in warm clean water prior to handling raw oysters or other seafood. This will rinse your skin and help keep you from coming into contact with infected materials. It is also important to not touch raw oysters with your bare hands or any other unsanitary objects, as even the most expensive and sterile gloves can become contaminated.

The safest way to eat and enjoy your oysters is through a seafood sushi bar. However, there are a few ways to enjoy the wonderful flavor of your local sushi restaurant without having to pay the high prices at an expensive raw bar. For starters, you can buy your own raw oysters instead of buying them pre-made at the supermarket. Freshwater pearls are the best, because they look and feel real.

There are many ways to prepare these live delicacies without the fear of an infection. Raw oysters are often served in a bowl with some sushi rice. To make a great raw shuck, simply combine some sushi rice with some lemon juice, wasabi, or ginger. Add some lemon slices, goji berries, and/or pineapples for a sweet and sour combination. You can serve your shuck with a small piece of avocado for a salty, tropical flavor. Or serve it with masago, spicy Mayo, or spicy ketchup as Asian flair to your favorite dish.

Raw oysters can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, so be sure to thaw them before serving. You can also store them in the freezer for up to a month, but make sure they are thawed before freezing. Store oysters in a bowl in the freezer on their side.

You can make a delicious raw berry smoothie using freshly grated coconut meat, rolled rice, strained raw egg, a bit of vanilla ice cream and grated ginger. Mix all of this together in a blender until creamy. When the mixture becomes cold, add in a scoop of chilled low-fat milk, pour in half-shell fish, and sprinkle over with your favorite nuts and/or dried cranberries. Add a generous helping of the crushed ice and you have a delectable dessert treat. The texture of this dessert is more like pudding than it is ice, so you may want to add a bit more milk if needed.

If you are serving your raw oysters in a summer salad, add some chopped pears and / or apple slices to provide a sharp, fresh taste. For a picnic, serve your pear salad along with sliced pears and some apple. To make this salad more appealing, you may wish to wear a light summer dress. You could also take an apple and place it in the middle of your serving bowl. Top with some shredded ginger and lemon peels and serve with crackers. For an English country twist, substitute the ginger for dried plums and use a trinity of green apples, barley, raisins and currants to finish the meal.

If you have a slicer lying around the house, why not make a delicious raw shuck using it? Simply slice the shucked oyster into rounds with the knife and serve with crackers. Remember to remove the pearl from the shell. Once the oysters are cooked through, add the sugar and enjoy your fresh meal.