New Countertop Ice Maker – Reasons Why Buying a Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker is a Good Idea

By | June 25, 2021

Are you looking for an undercounter nugget ice maker? Do you need one for your business or home? There are many sizes and brands of undercounter ice makers to choose from. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the different models.

Brand: All major manufactures make at least one undercounter nugget ice maker with their name on it. Best for small businesses or more demanding householders. The Opal Ice maker by Newair ice makes a delicious low calorie drink that you can take with you if you’re going on an outdoor trip. It’s also great to take with you on a vacation if you don’t want to go with full confidence. This particular model can withstand up to 36 degrees F, making it a good choice for business or pleasure use.

Performance: A Newair countertop ice maker will get you results depending on how you use it. If you’re just getting started in the business, you can start with a simpler model such as the one in the Newair collection. These run by using a single 12 V pump to heat the water and create the ice. You pour the mixture into your own mugs and use them at your convenience. If you already know what you like, you can buy the higher end models like the Opal Ice maker or the Newair Opal ice maker. The Opal models are very efficient and create thick, rich iced drinks.

Durability: An undercounter nugget ice maker is made of heavy duty steel and will stand up to daily use by professional chefs. The commercial nugget ice makers in the Newair collection are very durable and stand up to years of use in restaurants and homes. They come in three color schemes and a number of different sizes. There is a larger version for commercial purposes and another smaller version for homeowners that is ideal for cafes, restaurants and homes.

Ease of Use: Professional chefs and home cooks will be impressed with how easy the commercial nugget ice makers are to use. They have separate chambers for producing ice, water and cream. The lid locks onto the bottom chambers, which makes it simple to produce several cups of delicious icy drink in a single process. There is no need to place the machine on a table or other surface, so your kitchen counter is not interrupted. All the parts fit in a small area and are designed to fit easily and comfortably in the kitchen.

Easy to Use Operation: All of the new under-counter nugget ice makers are designed with easy to understand operating instructions. They come with an instructional booklet that contains all the necessary operating details, including temperature controls and a visual display of how the system works. In addition, there is an optional self-repair kit that comes with the machine. The self-repair kit includes a circuit breaker and all the tools needed to repair the machine. You can save yourself money and time by making your own repairs instead of buying a kit from the dealer.

Commercial Uses: The manufacturers of these machines understand that many people like to take drinks on the go. These under-counter ice makers are perfect for take out restaurants and delivering frozen drinks at work or college campuses. Because they are small and compact, they are very efficient for these business applications.

Superior Production Capacity: Most of the new under-counter nugget ice makers are designed with high production capacity. Each unit is able to produce enough ice for the number of customers you have in your establishment. You can even make more than one batch of ice at once by simply reconfiguring the unit to increase production capacity. These machines come in various sizes so you can choose one that will fit your business needs. You can even purchase an industrial strength model to meet the needs of large businesses.