Luxury Camping Goods

By | March 19, 2021

Buying luxury camping goods and equipment can be expensive. But with the right planning, you can find ways to cut your outlay on what you need and still go on a fantastic holiday. If you are travelling in a group, work out who will pitch in where – or look for someone else to do it. Always find quality goods at reputable stores, and never buy second-hand goods. It is not only safer, but more cost effective too.

luxury camping goods

Start with a good list of items that you know you’ll need. There is nothing worse than arriving at a destination, only to discover that all your essentials have been stolen. Make a list of the items you really must have, then go shopping for them. Look for camping equipment that fits the bill – items like a Coleman air mattress, a camp stove, an army knife, sleeping bags, stoves, tents, and other items that will last a long time, and are easy to transport and set up. Don’t skimp on quality though – if you want to be able to use the items for years to come, you’ll need to spend a bit extra.

When you are shopping for camping equipment, never assume that you know everything there is to know about. Ask your fellow campers or search the internet for ‘camping tips’ or related articles. Keep an open mind when making choices. You might find a really good deal on a tent that would otherwise end up in the garage. It’s a good idea to carry some small items such as a pair of pliers with you too; these will come in handy if you decide to repair anything on site.

Camping equipment such as camp chairs and loungers should also be included in your list. Luxury camp chairs and mattresses have different qualities of construction. One of the best qualities of ‘good’ luxury camping goods and equipment is that they are built to last. It may be that you’re only going to be roughing it for a night here and there – if this is the case, it’s probably not necessary to buy the very best. You should aim to buy something that can stand up to a lot of use.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, there are plenty of options to choose from. A pop-up tent is perhaps the most popular option and is ideal for larger groups. If you’re only going camping once or twice a year, consider a more permanent tent hire. You can often find really good deals for single day or longer holidays, however if you’re thinking of roughing it on the site, it may be worth spending slightly more for a better chance of staying warm and dry.

In terms of emergency items, you’ll obviously need first aid supplies, and a stocked first aid box. Snacks and drinks are important too and don’t forget the sunscreen and sun cream. A good tent and sleeping bag pack are essential and don’t forget clothing – although you should try to stay away from buying too much as you may end up stinking, which is certainly not a look anyone would appreciate.

If you have kids, you’ll need to consider their safety too. There are some good options here, with some kids sleeping bags featuring built in benches that offer extra security. Consider bringing a couple of specialist tents to keep the kids as safe as possible. These luxury camping goods are all important, but you should also make sure you’ve got all the other items required for a fun and comfortable holiday.

Finally, don’t forget the essentials for your luxury camping goods. Food and drink are an absolute must and can’t be underestimated. Keep a stock of healthy snacks such as fruit and yoghurt, as well as tinned or packed food and tinned juices. Pack some healthy drinks too, such as water and coffee, along with a range of wines and soft drinks. Packaging is important too, and remember to keep plenty of tissues handy to wipe away spill food or drinks!