Lawn Furniture Sales

By | July 11, 2021

BUSINESS DESIGN (3) Denny’s Lawn Furniture Sales is located at N Us 15 831. The following is available: Outdoor Furniture, Gas Furniture, Lawn & Patio Furniture, Children’s Furniture, Home Improvement, and Commercial Furniture. The sale date is scheduled for Sep 10, 2021. From Dillsburg there are still three more Outdoor Furniture available.

An overview is available here. The yard sale started in September 2021. The first set of outdoor furniture was sold the very next day. This leaves a lot of time to evaluate how this event worked for people in Homer City. The number of people in Homer City who were interested in yard sales was not a big deal. But, there was a large crowd of folks who wanted to get their hands on lawn sales, too, no matter what they were interested in.

The question is this: Did people do better on yard sales than they had been doing on other sales? Is the weather in Homer City similar to that of other cities? The weather in other cities with yard sales was not as bad as it was on the day of the Homer City yard sales. It did rain on and off throughout the day, but only for a brief period. There were some minor reports of lightning, but these were rare. There were no unexpected high winds, and there were no ice or snowfalls.

The weather conditions on the day of the sales were mostly ideal, with only a few minor incidents. People were coming and going from the sales with their purchases, and most of the people who purchased items did so during the day. It was not unusual to be walking through the aisles for hours just looking at beautiful lawn furniture being sold. Most people were certainly not complaining about the temperature or the weather.

Throughout the day, people who were at the Homer City lawn furniture sales did not seem to see any negative effects from the weather. In fact, quite the opposite. Many of them said they were more comfortable at the sales than they normally would be in the evening. The people who were frequent visitors to the yard sales said they enjoyed themselves immensely. These were true statements, even from those who had purchased something just the day before!

At one time, there were rumors that Homer was full of drug addicts. This turned out to be false when the police discovered that most of the people at the sales were actually family and close friends. It is certainly difficult to judge someone you don’t know, but judging by the attitudes of those who were present at the Homer City lawn furniture auctions, it appears that the vast majority of these individuals were law-abiding citizens. It is very hard to imagine how anyone could be addicted to drugs when they are surrounded by loved ones, friends and vendors. One could even argue that the police were over-pressurized, given the high crime rate in Homer.

There was one vendor who told the police he had no idea why anyone would want to buy anything that day. Others seemed to agree, that it was hard to come up with money on just one item. It was not uncommon to hear one vendor say that he had sold the same or different item on the day that passed and yet still be able to make a profit. The one other common statement was that everyone there seemed to be in good financial shape.

Lawn sales would continue throughout the rest of the week. By the end of the day there would still be cars and trucks parked in the lots. Yet the sales were still brisk. When the week was finally over, one could return to find only two tires on the cars and two more on the lawn. One could only assume that the weather had been rather good that week.

The next week proved to be much worse than the prior week. The number of vehicles that were in the lots as well as those who tried to sell their items was much higher. The number of customers too was up. The police were called out. It didn’t take long before the police were called out again.

On the third day, the police informed everyone that they had to leave by noon because it was now curfew time. Little did anyone know that the local mall still allowed lawn furniture sales. The police informed everyone as well that they would be asked to leave after dark. Little did any of them know that the mall was only one mile from Homer.

The worst thing that happened on this last day was that none of the sales had completed. Homer residents were notified that if they were home when the sun came up they would not be permitted to return. This was to be enforced regardless of the reason.

For those of us that weren’t home, we watched as our neighbors began to gather outside. The police surrounded the mall parking lot and told everyone who was inside to come to the front door. Those that didn’t want to leave were forced to stand their ground until the police left.

When the sun broke through the clouds that day, it was a beautiful day. We all enjoyed a cup of coffee together as neighbors stopped by to see what everyone was up to. Most people seemed to be participating in the lawn furniture sales. When the police asked us all to leave the mall, we all agreed. That’s when I decided that maybe these lawn furniture sales were no longer necessary.

The rest is lawn furniture history. I have never bought a chair from any of the sales myself. I still look at them and wish that someday someone will take a seat on one of them. They add an element of beauty and comfort to any yard. But I can tell you this – there is a time and place for them. Unless you own a sizable yard and think you could use all of it, forget lawn furniture sales.