Image Portraiture for Luxury Goods Brochures

By | March 19, 2021

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Image Portraiture for Luxury Goods Brochures

A good image is an important asset for your luxury goods business, and one which should be protected at all costs. As a luxury goods company, you will find yourself the target of many people out there who are looking to steal your goods and harm your reputation. So how do you protect your brand and reputation? It starts by protecting the luxury goods image you have already created.

Branding and image go hand in hand. The success of any luxury goods business lies in the quality of its branding and image. You can’t just put a logo on your store and call it a day – your luxury goods product needs to be backed up with a great and effective marketing campaign, otherwise it will be considered just another commodity.

So how do you create an image and brand for your luxury goods? The first thing you need to do is invest in the best possible design team. If you’re a small luxury goods business, then this might mean hiring a designer or two. More established luxury goods businesses will probably be best served by hiring a full-time in-house designer or a consultancy that specialises in luxury goods marketing.

It’s important to work closely with these experts to make sure that all your efforts are working together in harmony. Designers will be responsible for creating your brand identity. For instance, your logo needs to be distinctive and easily identifiable. Everything from the font used to the colour schemes used needs to be decided upon with the designer. This way you know that every element of your luxury goods is original and true to your own vision.

One other thing to consider is the quality of images that you use. Luxury brands have spent years in the research and development process of coming up with the very best images to represent their brand. They know exactly what works and what doesn’t work. So when you get ready to design your luxury goods website, you’ll want to do the same.

You may think that this is a simple thing to do – after all it’s just putting out a poster or a brochure. However, it’s not. Designing an image that people remember and identify with requires some careful thought. It all starts with the background. You’ll want to find a photographer who understands this, and can capture an image in a way that evokes the best feeling for your product or service.

For instance, a luxury travel company might choose to have an image of an ice-cold glass of champagne. On the other hand, a lingerie boutique might choose to have an elegant image of a stunning silky satin dress. The first looks great but when seen beside another image (perhaps a shot of the dress next to a picture of the model wearing it) the first stands out as being unoriginal. People will almost certainly associate the silky dress with the luxury brand – without having actually seen or tried the model.

What’s more, with so many images competing for a relatively small amount of space on your brochure, your quality becomes crucial. The ideal luxury goods image is one that is simple, elegant, professional looking, yet still captures your customers’ imagination. A cluttered or fuzzy image simply doesn’t deliver this. Your chosen photographer should be able to turn out at least one high-quality image for each page of your luxury goods brochure. This is the only way that your customers will remember you, even if several other companies have created glossy images of similar luxury goods.