How to Spot Fake Luxury Goods

By | April 17, 2021

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How to Spot Fake Luxury Goods

Luxury goods are often sold in the market as being the real things, but unfortunately not everyone is aware of this. There are several ways by which you can identify the fakes, and if you want to buy something, you have to be aware of these fake luxury items. There are many websites that provide genuine pictures of the items and you will see the ones that are not the genuine article. Here are some of the common fake items found in the markets.

Designer Bags – are very popular amongst teenagers, and it is difficult to find a bag that is not a designer brand. However there are many replicas available in the market and it is difficult to differentiate the fake bags from the authentic ones. Some of the fake bags have the same logo as the original ones and look just like the genuine bags. The first and foremost thing that you need to check while buying a bag is that it should be made out of good quality and should not come with any stitching. Stitching of the bag is an important aspect of a bag, and if the stitching is not done properly then the bag is surely not genuine. Check all the edges of the bag and if it has any damages or scratches, then it cannot be the original one.

Handbags – another area in which there are many fake luxury goods are handbags. A handbag looks very classy and elegant and when you see one in the real market, you will be able to distinguish the fake ones from the genuine ones. You will notice that they have got rid of most of the design features and have just copied the handles and some parts of the bags. These handbags also usually have badly done stitching on them and the stitching will not look even in the original one. The handles also should not be the same size with that of the original one.

Designer Jewelry – when you are purchasing jewelry from the market, you must be extremely careful. There are many replicas out there and even if they look very much similar to the original items, the chances are that they are fake. One of the best ways is to examine the stones carefully. There should be no defects in the stones and the clarity should be great. You can test this by holding the stone in your hand.

Electronic Products – electronics are another area in which you will find many fakes. You will find some of these products are branded as Walkman. The manufacturers of these products will do their best to make sure that the products look genuine but there will be some noticeable flaws. You will not be able to tell if it is a fake or genuine product. You can check out the seller carefully to see whether he is using a fake label or not. If you can, try to test the product before you purchase it.

Shoes – the shoes too are a common problem. You will notice that some sellers sell fake shoes at a higher price than the genuine shoes. The shoes will also be of poor quality. If you wish to avoid these kinds of problems, ensure that the shoes have a serial number on the sole.

Jewelry – the jewelery is also one of the areas in which there are some fake jewelries available. The jewelries can be very cheap when compared to the real ones. Even the stones and the metal pieces used in the production of the fake ones are of very low quality. The most common problem associated with the fake jewelries is that they do not have authenticity. There will be no authenticity stamp on the stones or metals.

It is important that you identify the problems associated with any fake luxury goods before purchasing them. It is very difficult to distinguish the genuine from the fake luxury goods. If you wish to save yourself from these kinds of products, ensure that you do not make any purchases from an online store that has been known to sell fake luxury goods. You can search for stores in your locality through the directories that are available on the World Wide Web.