How to Keep Shucked Oysters Fresh

By | June 8, 2021

Learning how to keep shucked oysters fresh is essential if you are going to enjoy your mussels and oysters for many years. It can be really frustrating when the time comes that you have an event such as a dinner party where you have a few oysters and they start to go bad. This is because once the oysters have started to go bad they are no longer fresh. They have actually gone bad and you are now able to pick them without having to worry about them tasting terrible or any other unpleasant reaction from them.

The first thing you need to know when learning how to keep shucked oysters fresh is that you do not need to use salt. This can prove extremely annoying at times. As they begin to go bad their salt levels will rise and by the time they have reached a critical level you could find that you are unable to eat them. If you were to try and eat them when they are at the level where they are no longer fresh, you would immediately have to discard them and buy some more which you may not like. In fact eating oysters that have already begun to go bad can be quite distressing. In some cases people have actually died of shock following eating a raw oyster.

The next thing you need to know when learning how to keep shucked oysters fresh is that you will have to ensure that you never overfeed them. When they have reached the stage where they are starting to go soft and mushy they should be fed every couple of hours. If you over feed them then the water will warm up quicker and this will cause the mollusks to become soft again. This means that they will have to be fed again soon in order to regain their firmness.

Another vital part of knowing how to keep shucked oysters fresh is to pay attention to how much pressure is applied to them. It is important that you do not force the oysters or open them up too quickly. Just gently squeeze them with your finger and allow the water to drain around them. This allows the oysters to breathe and once they have done this they will be ready to be opened up again. You can either leave them in their shell or remove them so that they can be eaten.

Of course how to keep shucked oysters fresh is only part of the equation. Once they have reached the stage where they are soft and mushy, you must ensure that you remove all air pockets from the oysters. By doing this you will ensure that they will stay fresh for longer. Air pockets in seafood are very common and are caused by poor water conditions, environmental pressures and lack of oxygen within the oyster. This causes the oyster to shut down so that it can breathe.

Once you have ensured that all air pockets have been removed from the oysters you must then treat them gently. A good salt water treatment solution will work well with how to keep shucked oysters fresh. Before you start treating them just soak them in warm fresh water for around 20 minutes. Remove them and rinse them under cold running water and then dry them with a towel. Then simply store them in a sealed container for future use.

Many people find that when they are learning how to keep shucked oysters fresh they often end up adding some live cells to the oysters. This works well because as they are being kept at a constant warmer temperature they will react to the added oxygen by producing their own ozone layer. This makes the oysters breath more freely and can be an added bonus if you live in an area where there is a lot of chlorination or chlorine. Some people even add some ozone to their oysters to improve their freshness, but do be aware that once they are bottled they are no longer safe to eat! Soak them for a few days before you decide to stock them and once they are full do not leave them on your deck or patio as they can suffocate and cause an outbreak of gas.

How to keep shucked oysters fresh also means not washing them for too long as this can cause them to lose some of their colour. Some people use salt, but I do not think it is necessary as the water will already be plenty fresh. If you are using fresh water be sure to rinse it thoroughly before using it for your food or drink and once it has been used by a pressure washer and clean the dirt from your freshwater oysters, neverwash fresh oysters with soap as this can kill the mussels and clams which are the source of the Oyster’s colour. Once you have finished cleaning the oysters off (as mentioned above) soak them in warm fresh water for a few days until they are completely clean and you will know by the look of them when they have gone to the cleaners.