Finding Commercial Kitchen Equipment That Meets Your Food Service Needs

By | June 23, 2021

When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment financing, there are several options available. Remember that, like a new car, everything in a restaurant tends to depreciate the minute it leaves the showroom. One way to potentially save money on equipment purchases during the start-up phase is to lease or purchase used commercial kitchen equipment. Restaurant auctions are an excellent place to get cheap commercial kitchen equipment at ridiculously low prices. There are literally thousands of different items to choose from and you will be amazed at the selection and the deals you can get.

Just like with cars, commercial kitchen equipment depreciates a lot faster than the actual equipment itself. This means that when you drive out to the auction, it will cost you a lot less than if you were to buy it new. One example of this is commercial sinks. The sinks for use in restaurants de-value very quickly. In fact, they depreciate faster than the food they fill!

Commercial stainless steel cookers and dishwashers are another source for getting commercial kitchen equipment at unbelievably low prices. Stainless steel is an excellent material to use in high traffic commercial kitchen environments because of its durability and ability to resist stains from acidic foods. Many of the stainless steel utensils and appliances used in high traffic kitchens around the country are often in great condition and still look brand new. If you are in the market for one of these popular stainless steel items, it’s definitely worth the time and effort to do some research online. You will definitely be surprised at the selection available.

Another type of commercial kitchen equipment, you may want to consider are heavy-duty commercial microwaves. These large stainless steel appliances are ideal for high traffic commercial kitchens in schools, hospitals, fast food centers, and other places that are prone to spills. Some heavy-duty microwaves come with a nonstick cooking surface. These surfaces are ideal for people who don’t want to deal with the effort required to cleanup after preparing their meals. Other features to look for include large doors with safety locks, easy to use controls, and other added features like easy cleaning covers.

Heavy duty commercial kitchen equipment can also be used to store food. It is imperative that you consider your needs when shopping around. For instance, if you need additional storage space for perishable food, then you may want to invest in a good refrigerator. Refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, but most are extremely durable and sturdy. The refrigerators on the market today also feature some innovative design features that make them easier to clean and sanitize than older models.

When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, there are many options available on the market. One of the first brands that you might want to consider is KitchenAid. The brand offers both traditional and more modern designs. Their newer designs feature a bottom freezer as well as upper freezers, allowing users to store a wider range of products. The company also prides itself on offering a variety of features, including an optional electric rice cooker, which can help lower the amount of time needed to prepare meals.

Another company that offers commercial kitchen equipment that can help reduce food preparation time is MasterCard. They have an excellent line of commercial cooking equipment that can help with everyday food preparation. Some of the items on this line include commercial-grade blenders, can openers, and immersion circulators. MasterCard offers an assortment of different models, each focusing on certain food preparation needs. You can find some great deals online, as most vendors offer free shipping and handling on selected items.

Finally, there is another brand that offers some great commercial kitchen equipment – Delfield. The company specializes in prep equipment and larger appliances for food preparation and convenience. These items include commercial-grade microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators with built-in microwave drawers. Delfield makes full service grocery items, which can help you save both money and time when preparing meals.