Find Out the Best Time of Year for Sales on Outdoor Furniture

By | May 30, 2021

Winter is here and that means seasonal furniture sales. The fall season usually starts in mid-October and ends in March. This is also the off-season for furniture retailing. Most furniture stores are eager to get rid of their stock during these slow times, because most people buy more for the holidays. Seasonal furniture sales normally take place at various times of the year based on the region of the country. Here is a guide to help you find the right deals.

Presidents’ Day seasonal sales: mid October – this is the most popular day to shop when it comes to furniture purchases. Sales are rampant all over the country on Presidents’ Day. In general, this day is more about gifts than actual furniture. Many furniture stores offer special discounts or free shipping during President’s Day; you can benefit from this if you are planning to buy some seasonal items for your home. Dealers and manufacturers expect people to pay extra attention to decorations and lawn decorations on President’s Day, so they increase the prices on lawn and garden furniture and patio furniture during this period of time.

Thrift stores: many people don’t think of thrift stores when they think of seasonal sales, but they deserve credit for helping people keep their homes. Even though thrift stores generally do not carry new furniture, they do have gently used items. You can browse through thrift stores during your leisure time and pick up a great deal. Some items are even sold at 50% off their original cost! Although you may not necessarily find the exact piece you were hoping for, picking up a few pieces that go with your decorating plans can drastically lower the cost of your next furniture purchase.

Reclaimed wood from demolition sites: some homeowners mistakenly think that because they have cleared out their garage or shed, there is no longer need for furniture. This simply is not true! Homeowners often must move away from their home because it is no longer livable due to structural problems or a natural disaster. The company that handles such projects cleans out lots of old sheds and garages every year and puts them up for seasonal furniture sales. This enables them to make sure there is room for everything they are removing before they throw it away, allowing you to save a lot of money by purchasing high quality pieces at a very low price.

Dining room sets and sectionals: you can also find a large number of pieces at seasonal sales that are used by homeowners to improve their homes. For example, many dining room sets are purchased by those who want to replace old ones with newer models. New dining room sets tend to be more expensive and homeowners often feel that they can’t afford to purchase a new one because they don’t have the funds for it. However, by purchasing used furniture from thrift stores nationwide, homeowners can receive great prices on high quality furniture without spending too much.

Sectional couch and loveseat: If you’re planning to revamp your living room or even your family room, consider purchasing a sectional couch or loveseat. These furniture pieces are available at almost every retail store during certain times of the season. During the fall and winter seasons, these furniture pieces are most likely sold out. In fact, during these times, many of these furniture retailers will refuse to sell any new furniture because they are holding back inventory in order to stock up for these seasons. Once the new furniture is sold out, it means less competition on the furniture and more affordable prices for consumers!

Outdoor furniture store | furniture stores | sales | stores} No matter which type of furniture you choose to buy, there are numerous advantages to shopping at these sales. Not only do you get to purchase the pieces at their lowest prices, but retailers often offer sales tax savings as well. This means that local furniture stores actually save their customers money by having their sales prices reduced. The end result is a win-win situation for both retailers and consumers!