Features of the Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Machine

By | June 24, 2021

If you are looking for a new refrigerator then the Hoshizaki ice maker is one to consider. The brand’s most common line of products are the ice cream makers, which can make ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and much more. There is also the Ice Makers, which can make sherbet, frozen yogurt, and much more. Hoshizaki is a highly reputable manufacturer and marketer of all types of kitchen appliances. They have been in business since 1965 and are family owned and operated.

The Hoshizaki CF-1000ML-C Ice Machine, Rugged-Style The CF-1000ML-C is capable of making about 8951 pounds of cubelets (nugget-type) ice a day. Cubelet ice is most commonly used for drinks but can be used for confections, such as ice cream and sorbet. This model of ice machine features a stainless steel construction and the EasyCleanTM control panel, which make it easy to clean. This unit also features the advanced clean cycle technology that allows users to cycle ice off and on without having to worry about getting the ice machine dirty.

The Hoshizaki CF-1000ML-A model features a capacity of eleven square cubes. The large capacity helps the machine to be able to handle food service jobs, such as the making and serving of dessert, tea, coffee, or candy. It is designed to accommodate up to twelve cubic feet of ice at all times which is great for any type of convenience store. The large storage volume helps to conserve valuable freezer space which is often wasted on smaller items, leaving customers with less freezer room than they need.

The Hoshizaki CF-1000ML-B model is a little more advanced than its previous versions. The new style features two freezer bins for cold and hot liquid absorption. The cold bin contains ten pounds of pre-chilled ice, with one pound in the hot compartment. The large glass display provides more flexibility for displaying the ice options and is easier to read when there are more than three options. Hot and cold options can be chosen individually, allowing business owners to have separate cold and hot liquid storage.

Another advanced feature is the Hoshizaki CF-MAX model. Like the CF-1000ML, the CF-MAX has a stainless steel body and a capacity of eleven cubic feet. It has an adjustable cycle speed that allows users to choose between six and nine cycles per hour. The ice maker also comes with a variable temperature dial and cycle time selection. The cycle time can be adjusted for any duration of time between five and thirty minutes. The two bins that are included with this model allow the maximum number of cycles to be utilised in five minutes intervals.

One of the latest Hoshizaki ice machine developments is the Hoshizaki CF-MAX. Like the CF-1000ML, this model has a stainless steel exterior. This model is equipped with a twenty-eight inch ice bin that can accept four pounds of ice at various temperatures. Three cycle speed and temperature controls are available from six to nine. There is also a self-cleaning cycle that allows the ice machine to clean itself automatically. The custom cabinetry design allows the machine to be easily maintained.

Most Hoshizaki commercial ice machines are designed for use with liquids and cream-based beverages. They are not well suited for ice cubes made from sorbitol or other high concentrated sugar molecules. The Hoshizaki Cresent Ice Machine produces small cubes approximately one quarter of an inch in size. These are the perfect substitute for traditional ice cubes that do not have the texture and flavor of normal ice. The machine can be used to make three different flavors of sorbet including chocolate, raspberry, and mint.

The most advanced Hoshizaki machine offers a wide range of features including eight custom cup bins that are suitable for all types of beverage preparation and even cream. The cucumber ice cream maker has a unique cycle that allows it to be programmed to come on for ten minutes after the cucumbers have been removed from the heat source. If desired, the machine can be programmed to come on at any time during the day or night. The Hoshizaki Cucumber Ice Machine is compatible with all models and is designed to work perfectly with every type of refrigerator or freezer.