Essential Restaurant Supplies

By | June 25, 2021

Food service equipment and supplies are not only used for serving the food on the restaurant premise itself. They are also essential to complete the daily operating procedure of any restaurant. Most restaurants have a number of service areas like the bar area, the dining area, the prep area and the wash area. All these areas require various types of food service supplies.

Amongst the food service supplies required for all the above mentioned areas is the stock of soap and detergents which are used to clean the utensils used for cooking and preparing food. Along with this you will require a huge stock of baking supplies, which will include things like pans, baking sheets, baking soda, cocoa powder, brown sugar, honey, salt and other baking necessities. Other items required for the food processing area are commercial food processors, commercial juicers, food processors, heavy-duty food drying equipment, steam cleaners, food hygienists, fabric softeners, deodorizers and hand sanitizers. Along with all these you need small kitchen appliances like small refrigerators and small microwaves etc. to prepare different dishes.

Along with the food service supplies the most essential item required for food processing area is a large supply of heaters for warming the food received at the cooking area. Along with this you will also require an adequate supply of various drying agents for drying various types of foods. Along with these you need a constant supply of commercial air purifiers and filters. Another important commercial kitchen supply needed by restaurants is a large supply of commercial food processors.

It is not only the cutlery set that needs to be regularly stocked in the restaurant kitchens. Even though cutlery made up of silver and other precious metals is typically non-recyclable, still it is of great importance to keep them safe and secure. Cutlery made of carbon steel or stainless steel, on the other hand, is generally recyclable. The cutlery storage boxes manufactured from these materials can be easily maintained and re-organized, keeping in mind the specific designs of cutlery. Other commonly used cutlery storage boxes made of cardboard and other sturdy materials are also more than adequate in providing security to the cutlery. However, storing such boxes requires regular cleaning.

In order to cater for lunch and dinner guests at the restaurant, along with cutleries and table utensils, large supplies of table wares and cutlery are required. Along with these restaurant supplies, serving ware such as spoons and knives are also commonly purchased. Such serving wares are cleaned once in a while and most often they are washed by using commercial cleaners. Food service equipment such as the fryers and juicers are generally not cleaned, since they are operated in a closed environment. However, certain special food handling equipment like the steam injector can be thoroughly cleaned using specially designed disinfectants for sanitizing the cooking and serving areas.

Some restaurant supplies that are of critical importance for food preparation and food handling are commercial ovens and blowers. Commercial ovens need to be frequently inspected to ensure their proper functioning. The blowers must also be periodically maintained and their air ducts cleaned for sanitary purposes. It is essential to have proper hygienic kitchen equipments for food preparation. Since restaurant supplies include food processors, slicers and choppers, all these machines and appliances should be properly maintained and kept clean to enhance their efficiency.

Along with the various food service supplies, one must also have good quality dish washing and drying equipment. While the food washing machine may not be of paramount importance during the early stages of food service, it plays an important role later on as this will save unnecessary energy costs. Drying equipment includes automatic dryers, driers, dish hangers and dish racks. These all food service supplies play an important role of drying the dishes at regular intervals to retain the natural flavor and texture of the food. For example, if you use wooden dish racks for preparing dishes, the dishes will be dried without taking much energy as these racks are made of wood and not of plastic.

Food service equipment is used to serve everyday meals and drinks to customers. Along with tableware and cutlery, these supplies include refrigerators, food warmers, food processors, food servers, food tumblers, ice machines and many more. Apart from all these, one must also have a supply of serving bowls and wafers. These serving bowls are very important since they are the main attraction for customers, besides their beauty. Waffles, French fries and other quick cooking items must also be available in a restaurant supply store.