Different Types of Sushi Display Cases

By | June 27, 2021

When it comes to sushi, every restaurant owner knows the importance of purchasing a proper sushi case that will properly carry their products. But what kind of case is best? How do you find the sushi case that’s right for your restaurant or sushi bar? Well, it all starts with understanding the sushi case, and then finding the best one for your establishment. Whether you are looking for a simple sushi case, or a sushi box, or even a sushi cart, there are a variety of cases out there. Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of sushi cases:

Large sushi bars – Since you want to be sure that your products are displayed in the best light, it is important that your customers have the right tools to do so. You should carry a variety of different styles of sushi case, from large sushi bars right down to the smallest Japanese restaurants. You can also opt for rounded or angled glass fronts that make it easier for customers to browse and help create the right kind of presentation for your products. Keep in mind that if you’re displaying sushi products in your sushi bar, then you’ll need a high quality, high capacity refrigerator and other refrigeration system as well.

Small sushi bars/sushi carts – Because you want your customers to be able to quickly and easily pick up their sushi from your stand, or from the sushi bar counter, it’s important that you have an easy to use, attractive display case on hand. If you have small sushi bars or carts, then you don’t necessarily need the more elaborate, extravagant, multi-tiered sushi case that you might for larger establishments. Instead, opt for a simple, durable display case that is designed for your particular type of sushi bar. Again, this should include a sturdy, solid lid that will keep whatever you put inside safe and protect it at the same time.

These are a few of the different types of sushi display cases out there, but there are many others. You should consider what your overall goal is for your sushi bars and check with the people you work with to determine what would be the best type of case for your establishment. Remember, there’s a reason that these items are called sushi cases; they are there to provide protection for your sushi products. But while they can give you that protection, you want to also ensure that the items look attractive and can be used easily. Therefore, don’t settle for a basic flat, mirrored sushi case when you could go for one with rounded corners, has open shelves, and even a built-in slide to accommodate sushi rolls and other items easily.

These types of refrigerated sushi cases are very popular with the sushi shop owner who needs to transport their products from one place to another. With these items, they can place everything in them, and have the case bring the items up to room temperature quickly. Plus, these types of mini cooling units usually come in a few inches wide, which makes them very convenient to use.

There are other sushi cases available for sushi bars as well. If you have a small sushi bar or sushi restaurant, then you can get mini cooling units that keep the products cool. The mini case usually sits on the counter or a table top and comes with its own locking door to keep the items inside. Some of the locking doors even have a handle so that the owner can take the case with them when they move from place to place. Again, these types of mini sushi cases are very popular for sushi bars, and there are several different sizes available.

For sushi restaurants and sushi bars in other locations, you may want to consider an evaporative cooler instead of a traditional cooling unit. These models use a humidifier to maintain the proper frozen temperature, and they have a very simple refrigeration system. They are small, usually only costing about two hundred dollars, and they can fit almost anywhere. The curved glass front has a simple door on it, and it is made of a tough, durable plastic material that will not crack easily. Plus, it comes with a handle to make it easier to transport.

There are many more types of sushi display cases on the market today. If you are going to start a sushi bar or restaurant, make sure that you purchase one of these cases, and use them as often as possible. They will save you money and make your business more organized at the same time. You should definitely consider getting one of these for all of your sushi creations. They will add an exciting look to your place, and your customers will appreciate having their sushi quickly and safely stored.