Different Types of RINGbands

By | June 18, 2021

Ring bandits is a common criminal offense. These criminals usually wear masks and claim to be from the law enforcement. It is possible for someone to be robbed or have their vehicle broken into while wearing a mask, but this is the exception rather than the rule. The most common type of ring bandits are hoodlums, though there are other types of criminals who target wedding rings or engagement rings.

The ringbands that criminals wear are usually a symbol of status among criminals. Many of these criminals work as part of a criminal organization or gang. Others may not want to fit in with their peers or may have a personal grudge against law enforcement. Regardless of their reasoning, many criminals will target weddings or engagement rings because they know that these items are easier to obtain and wear. After all, many criminals work as unskilled laborers, begging on the streets or stealing as they work.

It is easy to assume that ringbands are used only by members of street gangs. This is true, but this is not the only place where the ring bands are worn. They can also be found in high school and college graduation party settings, military unit casualty tags, popular nightclub locations and even as jewelry in the pockets of celebrities and political figures.

One of the first considerations for law enforcement when looking for criminals wearing band jewelry is how the band could be used to identify them. In many cases, the criminals will wear the band they are working on together as a symbol of their affiliation. If a thief is working with another band, such as a gang, the thief may use the symbol of his gang to mark himself as someone who belongs to that gang. In some cases, thieves will use the band they are carrying as a theft device. This means that they will band the band as part of a larger group so that if they are caught they will have a larger group to use as their identity.

Not all thieves and gang members wear bands. Often, a criminal whose face is clearly seen by other people will use non-identifiable bands. Sometimes, criminals will work in small businesses that do not let visible faces on the premises. When the band members arrive at work, they will put their band around their neck. They will then walk around with no visible identification on their face.

In some cases, an individual will use a band that shows no information at all. A band may serve a decorative or practical purpose for the criminal. For instance, some criminals may wear jewelry that simply appears to be a band without any type of identifying information. Others may use a band that has only a name on it. Regardless of what type of band a criminal may not wear, there are some factors that law enforcement and investigators consider when determining if a criminal is wearing an accurate and pertinent band.

One factor that is looked at involves whether or not the ringbands the criminal is wearing have any type of unique or private information printed on them. In some cases, ringbands without any type of private or identifying information are considered less indicative of a criminal affiliation than bands that have some type of identifying information printed on them. Another factor that is considered involves a band’s construction. Some bands consist of simple rings that are made out of plastic and do not have any type of distinguishing design or logo on them.

A final factor that is often used by law enforcement and investigators when determining if a suspect is wearing accurate ringbands is how authentic the band looks. Although criminals may choose to wear non-identifying ringbands, they also may choose to wear real ring bands that have a unique design and logo on them. If the criminal has purchased real designer rings, it may be easier to determine if they are the real deal or if they are fakes. If a band has a high amount of real estate engraved on it or has a large number of intricate designs, it may be more reliable than a cheap-looking fake.