Commercial Panini Grills Offer Ready to Cook Grilled Sandwich

By | June 26, 2021

As hot, crispy grilled paninis continue to steadily grow in popularity, particularly on lighter dinner and lunch menus, a sizzling, innovative panini maker will keep cooking up solid sales over the long haul. World famous for both their flexibility and quality, Waring manufactures some of the most widely-used and versatile sandwich making appliances. From classic deli sandwiches and flat breads to fresh handmade wraps and upscale samosa, Waring has a panini grill to meet almost any style of panini. With styles ranging from classic rectangular heaters to latest infrared and convection models, a panini grill can easily accommodate one’s needs for preparing a simple sandwich.

For quick, easy preparation, many of today’s commercial panini grills offer both heat and nonstick features. The patented Quikrete seasoning offers outstanding flavor and an incredible aroma. The specially designed sausage casing lets food seal in flavor and helps limit bacterial growth. To enhance both these features, the commercial panini sandwich press designs feature steel construction and heavy-duty aluminum handle. To keep the heat uniformly distributed, an aluminum-lined interior keeps food from being over-cooked or burnt on the outside.

With an expansive selection of specialty delis and fast food chains offering a variety of sandwiches, it’s no wonder that the Waring Pro Series range is so popular with restaurant owners. Offering an exceptional combination of quality and variety, the Waring Pro Series line of paints and sandwich presses will make it easy to prepare outstanding sandwiches with a variety of ingredients, from traditional wheat crust to vegetarian wraps that include everything from spinach and mushroom to coleslaw and tuna salad. Waring Commercial Panini Grills, in combination with a quality commercial sandwich press, is the way to go for quality sandwich preparation.

A customer wants to know that when he or she places an order for a grilled sandwich at a restaurant, the food-service team has the time to account for the customer’s dietary needs. That’s why many restaurants make it possible for diners to specify what they want on their paninis – whether they want grilled chicken, ham or tuna – by selecting a preferred sandwich style from a menu available at the restaurant. If the deli or other food service establishment offers such a program, a large portion of the total grilled sandwich order can be tailored to meet the dietary requirements of the customer. And since most people enjoy a good grilled sandwich, such a program can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Another benefit that having a well-designed commercial panini grill and commercial sandwich press in the kitchen can offer is time savings. It’s much faster to prepare grilled sandwiches (and other meals) when food-service workers are able to focus on making each of the meal options available to the customer. In some cases, such programs can save the business money because employees will serve fewer customers, thereby decreasing the need to drive around looking for a place to eat. In other cases, employees will cook less, freeing up the kitchen staff to do other tasks, like washing the floors or running the cash register.

In addition to providing plenty of choices, commercial panini grills that are well-made also provide a level of control that is not found with the lower-cost versions. For example, a deli worker who makes grilled sandwiches with a sandwich press that doesn’t fit well should have an easy time changing the dimensions without having to dismantle the device. Likewise, a deli owner who prefers a certain kind of sandwich can simply adjust the height of the grooved surface on his or her commercial panini grills to get the results desired. Unlike less expensive models, this kind of grooved sandwich press doesn’t need to be dismantled before making another sandwich. The only thing required is to slide it aside when preparing food for another customer.

A higher-end version of commercial panini grills that are often found in restaurants and cafes are those that have their own dedicated quesadilla or casserole section. These models usually have a separate board for cooking quesadillas and the quesadillas themselves are secured in a specially designed drip tray that prevents them from becoming overcooked. When the oil in the pan is heated, the steam is carried through the drip tray, where it evaporates so the ingredients don’t become soggy. These devices can even be used to make Panini, as well as a wide range of other sandwiches such as Ham, turkey, deli sandwiches and more.

Some people enjoy taking their favorite grilled sandwiches to work with them instead of bringing them home. When using a commercial panini grills, you never have to worry about getting stuck on the road with your sandwich, since they are very easy to carry. When preparing food at home, it’s always easy to forget something, but when you bring your favorite sandwiches to work, you may accidentally leave one behind or worse, forget its name. By using your commercial panini grills to prepare all your food, you will always be able to find a sandwich that’s ready to be eaten, guaranteed.