Commercial Ice Maker Machine – Buyer’s Guide

By | June 27, 2021

Choosing a commercial ice maker is critical to your company’s productivity. Whether buying for home or business use, there are many different sizes and options out there. One of the first things to consider when purchasing an ice machine is how much ice your company normally consumes on an annual basis. If you are looking to purchase a commercial ice maker to replace a smaller model, then this article will help you determine the size that will work best for your company. When looking for a commercial ice maker, make sure to get a model that fits the capacity requirements of your company.

Also known as a centrifuge, commercial ice maker machines come in many sizes and varieties, from small compact models right up to commercial sizes that use a compressor. While selecting a commercial model, consider factors such as compressor speed, freezer space, freezer life, cooling fan, and more. You should also avoid purchasing an over-sized commercial ice cube maker because it can add to your electric and/or water bills and may actually increase your carbon footprint. Keep in mind the amount of space you’ll have for the machine as well.

For home use, a small refrigerator-sized commercial ice maker machine is sufficient. One drawback with these units is that they tend to get very hot while processing large amounts of ice and the actual temperature inside can exceed the safe limit for food. If you need to process large volumes of ice per day or if you like to keep your products at a cooler temperature, consider getting a commercial model with a larger compressor and colder temperatures. These larger commercial models tend to be more expensive, but they are usually found in commercial food production facilities. Some people find that this is the only way they are able to maintain consistently cold products at home due to space limitations.

There are several additional features to look for when shopping for commercial ice maker machines. One of these features is a water dispenser for your water storage tank. If you are planning to use cold water to make your own ice, then having a refrigerator-type compressor isn’t necessary unless you plan to store the water for longer periods. However, if you plan on using hot water from a hot water tank or distiller, then you will probably need a colder compressor with a circulating pump. These types of compressors are available for sale and are among the largest and most powerful compressors available for sale.

Probably one of the most important features for the commercial ice maker machine is its warranty and service coverage. If you buy a machine that has no warranty, that could mean trouble when it comes to contacting the manufacturer to service the machine. A reputable manufacturer will provide extended coverage for warranties on both the compressor and the machine. Most manufacturers will also offer free shipping for the full purchase price of the product regardless of where you live in the US.

As far as the different ice machines go, the easiest and cheapest to operate is the upright type. You can get these models in any size you want and they are typically much less expensive than the commercial ice makers with more elaborate features. Some of the features to look for when shopping for an upright ice machine include adjustable heat settings, commercial grade vacuum cabinetry, and a stainless steel construction. They also include different attachments and can be used to make milkshakes, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and cappuccino. An important feature to look for is the presence of an optional self-cleaning cycle.

If you prefer hand-cranked or manual ice makers, then you will probably spend a little more money. The best commercial ice machines often incorporate some sort of electronic control panel so you can monitor the temperature and speed of the water flow and other functions. One of the key features of an electronic control panel is the ability to remotely control the machine from a distance, which allows for more advanced settings and features that will not be available if you have to stand there and adjust the settings yourself. Another important feature of the control panel is the availability of sensors for more precise temperatures. Sensors can also help prevent the waste of energy if the room temperature is too low and water is not flowing through the pipes.

Finally, before buying any commercial ice maker, you need to know how much ice you plan to make at one time and the maximum load capacity of the refrigerator in which the machine will be located. Commercial ice makers are available in different sizes based on these requirements. If you are thinking about making lots of ice for an event, such as a party, then you might want to consider purchasing a compressor.