Commercial Equipment Solutions For a High-Volume Production Kitchen

By | June 26, 2021

There are several kinds of commercial cooking equipment commonly found in both commercial and household kitchens, such as freezers and refrigerators, stoves or ovens, and dishwashing machines. The main differences between commercial and household stoves and freezers. Usually most household stoves have a stove top on which food is cooked, and an oven or space heater for warming the food. In some restaurants, there are a main oven and a grill area.

Commercial cooking equipment has been simplified since its inception from the beginning of the industrial age. Many appliances were developed to be much more energy-efficient, so they could be used in large commercial ovens where individual appliances would not normally have been practical. For example, steam irons that had been invented for home use were later adopted into commercial cooking equipment. A steam iron used for grilling food quickly became the must-have kitchen appliance.

The industrial revolution changed the face of commercial cooking equipment as well, with most kitchen appliances are becoming more highly efficient. The electric water boilers became the most common appliances in commercial cooking. Water boilers, or “boilers”, are basically a set of electrically heated containers that boiling the water needed for cooking. There are several different types of boilers: hot water boilers, steam boilers, and electricity boilers.

Fryers are used to cook fried food. Fryers are a type of electric fryer. Commercial fryers are used to cook most types of fried food, but some specialty foods are cooked using special fryers.

Most restaurant owners have very specific foodservice operations. Each type of restaurant is slightly different, but there are some essentials that all restaurants need. Probably the most important kitchen equipment needed by restaurant owners is a commercial oven. Ovens come in several varieties: traditional, contemporary and combination. Some of the more popular restaurant oven brands include Zojirushi, Bosch and Cuisinart.

Commercial ranges are an important part of commercial cooking equipment. A range is a collection of pots and pans in a single unit. For example, a traditional electric range has three to four burners. However, more modern ranges feature electric ranges with variable temperatures and some even have heat vents. A range can also contain additional features such as convection cooking ranges, gas ranges, roasting ranges and stainless steel ranges.

Commercial grills are another important piece of commercial cooking equipment. Many commercial grills include grill space, which is ideal for a wide variety of barbecues and other food service operations. Grill technology has advanced in recent years, allowing for infrared cooking techniques to be used in commercial grills. These types of grills provide precise temperature control and use direct current to evenly heat the meat or food. Grill prices vary greatly, depending on the brand name, specifications and features.

The final category of commercial cooking equipment is fast casual and quick service restaurants. Fast casual restaurants are designed to offer quick and easy food-service options to customers. Examples include coffee shops, bakeries, fast food chains, pizza shops and quick service snack bars. Unlike the main categories, quick service restaurants are usually owned and operated by individual operators, rather than larger corporations.

A unique feature found in many commercial cooking equipment options is the inclusion of microwave and convection ovens. Microwave ovens are excellent for home use as well, however; if you’re looking for a large commercial oven, convection ovens may be your best option. Convection ovens feature heated glass plates or dishes, which can be programmed to cook various foods with varying temperatures. Microwave, on the other hand, functions by using radio waves to cook the food.

One final category of commercial cooking equipment, we’ll discuss are commercial ranges and dishwashers. Resembling commercial ranges are hotplates, which may be used to warm large pots on the stove or to preheated deep fryers. Both are ideal for reheating and frying foods. Some dishwashers include built-in warming trays and hoods to allow for easy and convenient food preparation.

A final consideration for this series is commercial exhaust hoods. This type of kitchen equipment serves two main functions. The first is ventilation of exhaust gases produced by the food service equipment. The second is for the convenience of cleaning up the exhaust hood after every meal preparation. Many commercial exhaust hoods come equipped with disposable aluminum filters to help keep them clean and ready to use.

As you can see, there are a variety of different types of commercial cooking equipment that can be used in a high-volume production environment. While these durable, high-volume production machines have their place in the high-tech, sophisticated chicken tenders and deep fryers, they’re not the only solutions available. If you’re interested in commercial deep fryers, frypans, or any of the other amazing options discussed here, remember to check out all the options you have available to you.