Commercial Display Cases

By | June 23, 2021

A commercial display case can be used to showcase a variety of products, making it an ideal commercial display solution for any retail outlet. Commercial display cases with tempered glass panels and wenge veneer MDF base-assembly is generally required when displaying high-end products. This commercial display case with a pedestal glass top is perfect for showcasing special products. The strong anodized steel frame holds the panels in place without interfering with the design of the store display cabinet.

The commercial display case with tempered glass panels and wenge veneer MDF base-assembly is ideal to display promotional items and 100l bottles of wine. The shelves are strong and have wire management to keep them from tipping over. The doors also lock to ensure safety. There is a clear window on each side for viewing of product information. A thick frosted glass door with multi-point locking is also provided to protect against accidental opening.

The rear sliding door of this commercial display case with tempered glass panels and wenge veneer gives a spacious look, which is very ideal for a store which sells frozen food. The left side of the countertop refrigerated display case has plastic lined shelves which allow easy access of the product which is being displayed. The mirrored top has frosted glass doors with safety locks. The sides of the countertop refrigerated display case have nonslip rubberized trim to prevent product movement.

The automatic door locking feature of this countertop refrigerated display case with tempered glass panels and wenge veneer MDF base-assembly ensures safe operation of the entire product display. The door control board is attached to the upper panel of the case. This control board has an integrated timer that controls the opening and closing of the door automatically during off hours.

The auto defrost feature of this countertop display case with a tempered glass and MDF base-assembly allows you to keep your products fresh. During the working day, the doors can be opened to let cool air in and the interior of the countertop freezer can be left closed to maintain the same temperature. The doors can also be manually lifted and closed to release the cold air inside to enable the heating of 100l water bottles which can be used by your employees to do their cold beverages in the evening. The 100l water bottle can also be used as ice when dispensing coffee at the end of the day.

The door control is a push button, which can be locked or left in an unlocked position. It has three ranges of operation. In the ‘locks’ position, it can be locked and unlocked with a remote control. In the ‘unlocked’ position, the door can be left completely open.

The remote control is normally fixed to the underside of the door handle but can be stored in a convenient location for easy access. The remote control can be used to operate all the other functions of the door handle including the locking and unlocking of the door. This feature makes it very convenient to operate the door handle without having to get up.

The commercial display case with the stainless steel tabletop and white marble cabinet is finished in a Matt black. The tabletop is rigid so it does not collapse when accidentally dropped. There is a provision for storing paper materials of different sizes. The tabletop can be lowered to the required height for storage of items underneath. There are provisions in the top of the cabinet for dispensing of cleaning agents.

The commercial display case with shelves is designed with steel shelves, adjustable and stacked drawer units. The lower shelves are provided with wooden tie-downs with wooden handles. This type of dispensing unit can be used for small packets of paper towels and other cleaning products. There is a rack provided for storing printed materials like business cards.

The commercial display case with shelves and a glass display area can be used as an office desk. It can be used in place of a regular desk for showing documents and photographs to customers. This type of dispensing unit can be made of heavy duty oak. The shelves are made of wood veneer or heavy duty wire. Some of the display cases have a sliding shelf door. This type of dispensing system can be found in many different types of buildings.

A display case can also be used as a toy display. Most of these commercial display cases are used in shopping malls. The various displays and shelving units can be used to display toys such as a plastic model of the State of New York. A display case can also be used as a tool display case.