Coffee Decanters For Your Keurig Brewer

By | June 24, 2021

Coffee decanters have been an integral part in all fine food service operations for decades. They’re intuitive and simple to use. Wait staff and servers reach for the coffee decanters hundreds of times a day just to top-up and refill the coffee pots they come in. Just like all other food service coffee gear, coffee decanters have been designed for efficiency, safety and toughness. They’re built tough to stand up to all that abuse from our busy crews. Let’s look at some of their more popular features and tips to keep in mind.

Stainless steel – There are many different types of coffee decanters on the market. Some of them include built in water retention stoppers; others include a built in filter basket, a removable drip basket, or an internal hard case pack. The built in water retention stopper is by far the most popular and common, allowing the user to fill a pot without any waste from a clogged spout. For the customer, this might be the best feature of all.

Rotary rack and carafe – Carafes are another favorite among food service professionals. They allow you to keep coffee decanters small enough to fit into kitchen cabinets and still allow your guests to get their cups of coffee hot if desired. Rotary carafes can also be placed on top of other cooking appliances for those extra hot orders. They come in different sizes to fit any standard kitchen cabinet. This feature is another reason why many restaurants choose to use coffee decanters.

Thermal carafes – Coffee brewers that have thermal carafes have a built in glass carafe, but it’s insulated and sealed. This allows you to use your own coffee instead of buying expensive store bought brands that don’t taste nearly as good as freshly ground beans. While this may be a bit more money, it’s well worth it for those who enjoy drinking fresh coffee from the beans.

Glass carafes – All coffee decanters come with a standard glass carafe and thermal carafes come in single, double and triple shell versions. There are also cases with three individual compartments and each one has its own lid. This is a convenient way to serve your favorite beverages at a restaurant since you can use the same cup each time, rather than buying multiple cases of different types of cups. This type of beverage decanter is typically less expensive than a comparable case pack.

Internal hard cases – Most people like to keep coffee fresh for several days, if not a few weeks. If you prefer instant beverages, the internal hard cases are great for keeping your favorite beverage warm. For other beverages such as tea, the internal carafes are fine but unless you’re a huge coffee fan you probably won’t use this feature much.

Plastic cases – These coffee maker carafes are nice because they keep the coffee as hot as a glass carafe, but they don’t keep coffee as cold as glass coffee decanters. Because they don’t maintain a consistent temperature, you will most likely drink your favorite hot beverage quite soon after it is brewed. The downfall to these cases is they are very small and don’t hold much. Unless you are serving tea or coffee very frequently, this isn’t usually an issue. However, the small size may leave you wanting to have more than one thermal carafe if you are a coffee maker devotee.

All of these options are viable options for your coffee maker at home. However, you should always consider how each material works with your preferred preference for cup temps and brewing times. You may be better off with the stainless steel carafes or glass coffee decanters that allow you to enjoy your preferred beverage hot or cold right away. Just find out which option works best for your specific needs and you can have a glass carafe coffee maker for life!