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Oyster Shell Fertilizer Benefits

The uses for pearl shell fruits are numerous. However, for backyard gardeners, perhaps the best use is that of a natural fertilizer. If you grow plants that need a lot of nutrients, then it can be a very efficient and cost-effective method to use these in your backyard garden. Not only does it bring the… Read More »

Several Seafood Recipes and Tips

To enjoy seafood, you need to have some excellent sauces for oyster. The secret of the great sauces is in their origin. They come from the best waters and are prepared with the freshest ingredients. The real thing is available only in well-managed oysters. In order to enjoy them you must be able to identify… Read More »

How Long Do Oysters Live Out of Water?

How long do oysters live out of water? This is a question that most people are asking. The answer to this question has been getting more complex. As they have evolved, the oysters have developed a system in which they can live for months or even years out of the water. It has been noted… Read More »

How to Purchase Fresh Oysters For Sale

Fresh oysters for sale are often advertised in newspapers and websites. They are also available in some seafood shops. However, most people prefer to buy them fresh from the oyster farm. But there are a few benefits of buying these fresh from the oyster farm. Freshly caught oysters contain more vitamins, protein and oil that… Read More »

How To Store Fresh Oysters

Fresh store oysters should always smell fresh, without any ammonia or fishy smells. Freshly caught oysters should be kept at approximately 40 degrees C, and they should be kept in a dark glass container in a dark place. Fresh oyster should never be stored in plastic bags or in closed containers. Store them in their… Read More »

A Simple Dragoamp; #39; s Butter & Cream Cheese Charbroiling

Dragoamp; #39; s butter & cream cheese, garlic charbroiling is a very mouth-watering recipe that makes the taste of garlic tantalizing. It is cooked with the tender loving care and in an indirect heat that seal the flavors well in to your tongue. The flavor is so intense, that even those who are not regular… Read More »

How Long Can You Store Oysters Without Losing Their Taste?

If you are a person who loves to collect fresh seafood, then how long can you store oysters without losing their taste? There are actually several answers to this question and they will all depend upon the individual collection and your preferences in food preservation. If you are someone who likes to keep things as… Read More »