Caffeine From the Cambro Insulated Beer Cooler – A Must Have for Your Next BBQ

By | June 25, 2021

Cambro is committed to building and delivering the highest quality, most resilient plastic products for today’s foodservice industry. A leader in the plastic container market Cambro is a division of Pentek Corporation, which is one of America’s leading manufacturers of plastic containers. The company’s product line includes thermal tape resins, as well as plastic cutting tools, plastic hinges and plastic hardware. A huge selection of cutting tools and accessories is available online.

Thermal tape is a high performance adhesive tape that can be used to repair or protect almost any plastic product. The material has extreme heat resistant properties, which make it an excellent choice for food service equipment and food safety equipment. Thermal tape has the ability to maintain its original color, clarity and consistency, and can also be cleaned like traditional tapes. Its high flexibility allows it to be cut to fit many different widths and sizes, and its ability to resist moisture makes it ideal for food safety.

In addition to food service equipment and food storage, food service equipment such as hot dog carriers and other cooling devices require proper storage to ensure safety and enhance product performance. Proper storage reduces spoilage and improves product performance. Proper storage also helps to maintain the freshness of products, which can lead to better consumer confidence in the long run. Whether it’s protecting a product, protecting a person or just making things easier, cambro polyethylene is the way to go.

Cambro manufactures a wide range of plastic containers to meet the diverse needs of the food service industry. From simple polyethylene square boxes to ice cube trays and dispensers, there’s a model out there for you. Even more useful than the basic box are the insulated polyethylene food storage and display case. This innovative solution can keep perishables cool without sacrificing product safety.

With an array of sizes and shapes, cambro is versatile and perfect for almost any application. If you need to ship or transport food items, the lightweight polyethylene material is ideal. If you need a cooler for a small to medium sized gathering, consider a collapsible food safety zone. These are ideal for parties and outdoor events. If your business requires storage but is not necessarily for human consumption, a cool box or ice cube tray with a cooling fan is perfect. A cambro liner for cooling towers ensures no heat loss and a reliable source of temperature control.

If you have a small to medium size generator, consider the option of a foam insulated beer cooler. A foam cooler allows you to store your keg without having to use any kind of storage container. This makes it perfect for picnics, tailgate parties, and camping trips. If you want to be able to serve your keg from the comfort of your backyard patio, you can get one of many collapsible beer coolers. With a foam insulated cooler you don’t have to worry about ice melting or your keg breaking as you pour it into the keg spout.

If you are having your picnic in the outdoors and the temperature is on the lower side, getting a plastic cooler with a faux cambro lining may be the perfect thing for you. The plastic lining keeps the keg from freezing and helps it stay cold while still providing your guests with a beverage. When you are done brewing your beer, simply throw the plastic cooler away. These types of beer coolers are made of heavy duty fabric and feature a non-stick interior to ensure your beer will keep its flavor for years to come.

For all of these reasons and more, it’s well worth investing in a nice bottle of Cascara for your bar or game room. A bottle of fake cambro ice keeps your bar looking hip, sophisticated, and appetizing no matter what the weather outside. They also make a great addition to your concession stand, tailgate party, or picnic. The next time you are out and about, consider investing in a bottle of the cappuccino and faux cambro for your business, home, or wherever you choose to drink your beer. With the variety of different foods that can be served from these coolers, the sky truly is the limit!