Bar Refrigeration Equipment

By | June 27, 2021

There is a lot of different bar equipment that you can get for your bar, but bar refrigeration is one of the most popular. Bar refrigeration consists of small under counter refrigerators that will fit nicely in a small bar but still keep your drinks cold and near hand. Most bar refrigeration is either installed under the counter or behind the bar and they’re very durable, long lasting, and practical pieces of bar equipment. If you want to buy bar refrigeration you have a lot of different options. Here are a few things to consider before buying a bar fridge.

There are many types of bar refrigeration available on the market today. You can get glassware items that have built in coolers. These come with their own dispenser that holds the cold beverages while keeping your hands free for other things. You can also find countertop units, wall-mounted units and even bottom-mount units. All these variations serve different purposes.

The most common type of bar refrigeration is used to store your alcoholic beverages. This kind of unit generally has shelves that are made out of stainless steel that keeps bottles from tipping over and spilling their contents everywhere. If you only plan on serving alcohol in your bar, then you don’t need these kinds of commercial bar refrigerators. However, if you do serve a variety of beverages like wines, beers, shots, liquor, mixed drinks, etc., you might want to consider getting one of these kinds of units. These come in handy because they help store and cool different kinds of alcoholic beverages at the same time.

Another type of bar refrigeration that is common in bars is the back bar cooler. The back bar cooler is a countertop unit that sits right under the bar. You can place soda cans, beer cans and other coolers in this unit and it will keep these cool drinks cold. This is perfect if you have a regular customer that expects cold drinks with his meal. These coolers also make great back bar coolers for servers that need to keep their drinks cold while they are helping customers.

Bar refrigerator units come in many sizes and designs. Most of these units hold about 16 cans of beverage. There are also units available that hold wine bottles. You can get these customized for your bar or restaurant to fit the look you are trying to achieve. Some of these commercial bar refrigeration systems can even store up to six hundred cans of beverages.

If you only plan on serving hard liquor and non-alcoholic drinks, there are still some options for your bar refrigeration. You can get a direct draw beer dispenser that will allow you to serve just beer without any concern over carbonated or flavored drinks changing. You can also get other types of commercial bar refrigeration like commercial cold drink machines that offer a chilled selection of your favorite ice cream sodas, milk shakes, soymilk and more.

There are a few different types of beverage coolers that are available. One option is a counter top soda cooler. These are great for smaller bars or restaurants. These are great for getting people to and from the bar when you do not have room for a larger commercial unit. Countertop units can also be used to keep bottles of wine at your bar so your customers can get the freshest bottle of wine possible. These also make a good feature for bars that only serve light food items.

Other types of commercial bar refrigeration include glass chillers and back bar coolers. Glass chillers are perfect for bars that serve alcohol. These units can display hundreds of wine bottles all in one glance. The back bar coolers are perfect for any bar that needs additional storage for kegs, cans, bottles and more. These coolers can come with optional serving trays for keg and can even come with a wine bottle warmer for serving wine to your guests.