A Review of the French Luxury Goods Holding Company – Hermaphia

By | January 27, 2021

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A Review of the French Luxury Goods Holding Company – Hermaphia

Swiss Mail Order Businesses had in the recent past had a bad press for their fake promises to deliver luxury goods to its customers. They had promised many things, like the delivery of expensive jewelry to its customers but in the end have delivered almost the same items with some extra additions. The Luxury Goods Group Kering, however, has denied any wrong doing by its Swiss operations unit, even after an official office having it registered denounces in an official paperwork that it has even heard of such a thing. The official paperwork, dated March 16, lists customer details of the Luxury Group International, including names, addresses and other relevant information.

It was not until early this year when the Luxury Goods Group Kering started operating in the United States. Some time in the past, they had signed an agreement with Yoox USA, a very popular brand of eyewear in the luxury sector. However, Yoox USA had dissolved its partnership with Luxury Goods Group Kering as of late last year. Yoox, nevertheless, has many stores across the United States and Canada. They are also looking to expand its business in Europe and Asia.

A member of Luxury Goods Group Kering is listed on the Board of Directors of Luxury Goods International (LLIG). It is unclear what role, if any, the Board of Directors of Luxury Goods International plays in the management of the company. No formal complaints have been filed against the company and it is unknown if and when any complaints have been lodged against the Board of Directors.

The Luxury Goods Group has come under fire from the French government and several US state departments for failing to meet the minimum quality standards that are required in the production of glasses and sunglasses by its trademarked Luxury Optical Group. This group refers to a group of distributors and manufacturers, which, together, produce and market designer eyewear. In the case of the Luxury Goods Group, the trademark de la gloire was used for eyewear manufactured by the Luxury Goods Group Kering.

The French State notified the United States Department of Commerce that it would impose a ban on Luxury Goods Group products manufactured in the United States. The European Union similarly notified the Department of Commerce that it would impose similar restrictions on Luxury Goods Group products coming into its member states. The European Union notified the United States that the luxury goods group de luxe of its member states will be prohibited from distributing optical glass which is capable of obstructing the view of individuals who might be affected by impaired sight, particularly those who have glaucoma. The restrictions imposed by Europe are similar to those imposed by the United States.

Luxury Optical Group produces eyewear for people with presbyopia. Presbyopia is a leading cause of dry eye syndrome. Luxury Optical Group is now threatening to put a stop to competition which it claims is conducted through its subsidiary Luxury Optics KK, by putting an indefinite block on the importation of Luxury Eyewear into Europe. Luxury Optics KK markets eyeglass “Luxe Optics” through its web site. According to Luxury Optics KK managing director Thomas Gehringer, “The Luxury Optical Group regards that eyewear is not a product and the European Union’s attempt to ban it constitutes a breach of the peace in international trade”.

American luxury brands such as John Deere, Oakley, Spy, Oakley sunglasses, and Ray-Ban do not face direct competition from Luxury Goods Group. However, the Luxury Brands Group markets fashion watches, leather goods, luggage, accessories, watches, baby goods etc. Other than fashion, luxury goods are also sold by luxury brands. A recent report shows that Coach, Gucci, and Burberry have expanded their luxury goods business. Luxury goods sales in Europe are on the rise as well.

In spite of being a member of the Luxury Goods Group, the name Hermaphia still does not ring a bell for many. Its website offers some interesting articles and pictures about the products made by the company. Its most popular product is a leather care product called Hermaphia. According to the company’s brochures, the company “has taken special measures to ensure the quality of our Hermaphia leather; we have strictly adhered to these standards despite the fact that the market competition has considerably increased over the years”. This strong sense of commitment to high quality has made the company a leading brand in the French luxury goods holding company.