A Hidden Treasure in Kenya

By | June 25, 2021

What could be more beautiful in the India than a picturesque hill station like Kullu Manali or the gorgeous Dalhousie in Uttarakhand? Few of the best Indian holiday destinations are also quite inaccessible and remote places like Kovindur, Manali, and Sikkim. They are not only beautiful and charming but offer a special charm that is missing in big cities. Well, that too is just a reason why most vacationers prefer to spend their vacations in such ‘designer’ towns and villages.

This small village of Kovindur in Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is a perfect example of beauty. It is located on the left bank of the sacred Ganges River and was once the capital of the erstwhile Marathas. The present-day town has been given a new identity by the presence of an attractive resort complex and other tourism attractions. The snow-capped mountains of this region are a sight to behold even today. The tranquil village is dotted with a number of guest houses and quaint eateries serving cuisines from all over the country.

In fact, the snow-capped mountain is considered the epitome of natural beauty. One can simply find this beautiful village almost untouched by human activities. The hilly terrain and barren fields are both visually stunning. A holiday in this charming village offers a wonderful opportunity to take pleasure in the countryside.

The beauty of the place is enhanced by the small settlements built along the Riverside. It also has several art galleries and museums. The town also offers a wide range of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the country. The most popular dishes here include Paniyaram, Rasam, Musta and Nagar cuisine.

Those who want to explore the history of this place can do so by taking a trip to the anthropological museum. Here one will be able to see various artifacts dating back to the 7th century. The major attraction here is the Tomb of Raja Sawai Jai Singh. This Tomb was constructed in honor of the great warrior and his thirty-two sons who were martyred on the battlefield. It is located at the Garden City area.

After visiting the Tomb, it is necessary to explore some of the other important attractions of the village. There is a beautiful lake just by the village. It provides boating and other water sports. One can take a boat ride and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake. This lake is the main source of fresh water for the residents of the village.

One can indulge in various water activities like kayaking, snorkeling and diving here. It is also possible to join a trek here. Those who are into swimming can try the indoor pool built at the Swim Hall. You will also find the houseboat service in the area. This offers a wonderful experience of floating in the houseboat.

The best time to visit the village is between May and September. The weather remains pleasant all the time and so you do not have to worry about visiting during bad weather. The markets of the village remain open all the year round. The handicrafts, artwork, jewelry and textiles are sold in the open. The specialty of the area is its fruit and vegetable industry, which provide excellent job opportunities to the villagers.

When you pay a visit to the village, you will find the handicraftsmen’s work at its best. The tiles, handpans, bedding and furniture are of excellent quality. You will also find wooden sculptures, stone statues and paintings. All the artifacts from the ancient times to add to the beauty of this quaint little town. The market remains bustling all the time with stalls selling a wide range of products.

If you want to shop, you must go to the Bajan Market at the heart of the village. Here you will find everything that you need in your home as well as to carry out your day-to-day activities. There are plenty of shopping malls here that display the latest brands. Shopping here is a blast because it houses the best of designer outlets as well as numerous small boutiques.

It is advisable to stay here for a couple of days to experience the true essence of this small market town. You will get to know the true spirit of the people here. They serve their guests with warm hospitality. Also, there is a thriving art scene that showcases the talent of local artists. You can find some great paintings and sculptures here as well as antique pieces. These factors combined with the serenity of the surroundings make this a delightful retreat.