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How Many Oysters Do You Want to Eat in a Day?

There is no easy answer for that question. You will have to figure out your personal limit based on your personal preferences and the time of year that you are eating them. How many oysters do you want to eat in a day? Many people who enjoy fresh seafood prefer to eat several oysters in… Read More »

What’s the Difference Between Wild Vs Farmed Oysters?

There is a great debate raging among oyster enthusiasts: which is better, wild vs farmed. These two types of oysters have different qualities and requirements for growing oysters. Those who raise wild oysters believe that they are better for the oyster because: wild oysters grow quickly (producing more oysters in a short period of time);… Read More »

How to Chew Oysters Properly

Do you know why people love to eat fried oysters so much? The best way they can explain it is that the texture of the cooked oyster shell goes far better with the taste of the oyster than that of the oyster itself. So the next time you bite into a poached and fried oyster… Read More »

What Kind of Oysters Have Pearls?

The question of what kind of oysters have pearls is a common one among pearl collectors. The answer, as it turns out, is not a simple one. For starters, there are two kinds of oysters, black and white. Then, there are about a hundred and fifty varieties of oysters in the wild that can be… Read More »

Is It Safe to Eat Raw Oysters From a Jar?

Do you want to know if it safe to eat raw oysters from a jar? This is one of the health questions that many people have been asking. The truth is, eating any type of food off the shell has some risk of contamination whether it’s foods we make at home or foods that come… Read More »

How Long Do Oysters Last in the Fridge?

How long do oysters last in the fridge? This is an important question for many people, especially those who are planning on starting a family. Some people believe that oysters only last for a few days at most, and others say that they can last up to a month in the same location. There are… Read More »

What to Do With Pearls Properly?

What to do with pearls has been a question for many generations. The oyster shell is both beautiful and a source of great value. People have long searched for the best way to preserve them and display them for all of the years to come. Although they are not good as the food, people still… Read More »

How Long Do Oysters Last? A Shucked Oyster Mystery Revealed

So how long do oysters last? This is the question that most of us clamors for an answer to. Shucked or oyster wine (also called nectar wine or nacre) is often enjoyed by the oyster-eaters at the local dumpling joints and other such places. As a matter of fact, the average individual who eats oysters… Read More »